Academic records

When you finish your studies, you may receive various documents or academic records including a Statement of Attainment, Letter of Completion, an Academic Transcript, an Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) and a Testamur (award or certificate).

Testamur (or award)

A Testamur (known also as 'award') is the certificate you receive when you graduate.

If you are a Higher Education student attending a graduation ceremony, you will receive a hard copy Testamur at the ceremony and a link to a digital version after the ceremony. The information will be sent within 24 hours of your graduation to your personal email address or, if you didn’t register one with us, to your VU email account

If you do not attend a graduation ceremony, you can receive your Testamur

  • from a nominated VUHQ
  • in the post.

Higher Education students: information on collecting your Testamur is provided with your invitation to graduate.

TAFE students: find out more about graduating and obtaining your Testamur.

Name printed on award

The name printed on your award will be identical to the name on your student enrolment record.

Any variation to your name will require you to complete and submit a Personal details amendment form with supporting documentation, either original or certified copy.

When you submit your amendment form at VUHQ you must advise that a copy needs to be sent to the Graduation office.

Notification of Completion

A Notification of Completion is an official statement from the University that confirms that you have completed the necessary requirements to finish your course and are eligible to graduate.

A Notification of Completion will automatically be sent to your student email address once your student record has been conferred.

A fee of AUD$20.00 applies if you require an additional or replacement Notification of Completion.

Academic transcript

An academic transcript is a true account of your results achieved at Victoria University.

You'll receive a link to a digital version of your transcript after you graduate. The link is sent via email to your personal email address, or your VU email address if you haven't registered a personal one with us.

Additional copies

If you need additional copies of your transcript please complete the Request for Formal Results Statements and Replacement Testamur form. Please refer to the form for payment and lodgment details.

You can obtain a replacement copy free of charge if you find an administrative error (e.g. incorrect grade). Please submit your request to ASKVU.

Student Exchange & Study Abroad students

If you are an international exchange student from one of VU's exchange partner institutions, your transcript will be sent directly to the International Department at your home institution.

If you are a Study Abroad student from a non-partner institution, your transcript will be sent to your home address.

VU Extra Transcript

The VU Extra Transcript, available for activities undertaken from mid-2017 onwards, is an official document of Victoria University. It certifies participation in approved extra-curricular and voluntary programs that develop and enhance your skills and capabilities, helping you achieve your career goals through future employment opportunities.

While the Academic Transcript contains the marks you have achieved in your course, the VU Extra Transcript acts as a certification of the completion of programs that do not directly contribute to your course. Eligible programs will only appear on your transcript once the program coordinator confirms your completion of the requirements.

Eligible students will be issued with an official VU Extra Transcript upon graduation, free of charge. You may also request one at any other time by completing an order form.

Programs approved for inclusion on VU Extra

The following career and leadership programs have been approved for inclusion:

There are also several Clinical Legal Education programs approved for inclusion:

  • Police Prosecutions Division Program
  • Preparing for Professional Practice in the Legal Profession
  • State Trustees Program
  • Victoria Legal Aid Duty Lawyer Service
  • Victoria Legal Aid Family Law Program
  • Victoria Legal Aid General Law Clinic
  • Victoria Legal Aid Infringements Clinic
  • Victoria Legal Aid IVO Lawyer Program
  • WEstjustice Family Law Clinic
  • WEstjustice Fines Clinic
  • WEstjustice Sunshine Youth Clinic.

Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS)

The Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) is provided by Australian higher education institutions to graduating students on completion of the requirements for a particular higher education award.

It provides a description of the nature, level, context and status of studies that were pursued by the individual named. Its purpose is to assist in both national and international recognition of Australian qualifications and to promote international mobility and professional recognition of graduates.

The AHEGS contains the following information:

  • your personal details such as name, student number
  • details of your award, including admission requirements, duration of study, language of instruction and Australian Qualifications Framework level
  • details about Victoria University, including establishment, provider category and listing on the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency National Register of Higher Education Providers
  • details of your academic achievements, including details of units of study undertaken toward this award
  • description of the Australian Higher Education System – a comprehensive summary of the Australia system.

The AHEGS is additional to other documentation, such as testamurs and academic transcripts.

How to obtain your AHEGS

You will receive an email containing a link to a digital version of your AHEGS within 24 hours of your graduation ceremony.

Additional/replacement copies

If you require additional copies of your AHEGS please complete the Request for Formal Results Statements and Replacement Testamur form. Please refer to the form for payment and lodgement details.

You can obtain a replacement copy free of charge if you find an administrative error (e.g. incorrect grade). Please submit your request to ASKVU.

Please note that an AHEGS is not available from VUHQ and will be issued by post.

Contact us

Please note that all requests for AHEGS may take up to 10 working days.

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