Seeds to Success – VU Extra

Develop your green thumb and learn about native plants with the Seeds to Success program.
Monday 29 March 2021

Plants are the beautiful backdrop to almost every Tiktok, Insta and YouTube video out there. Develop your green thumb with the VU Extra Seeds to Success program.

Seeds to Success happens at the Iramoo Native Plant Nursery at VU's St Albans Campus.

Through this program you will:

  • help produce native plants that will be used to restore remnant native grasslands in the Cairnlea area
  • become familiar with a wide range of locally indigenous grassland plants
  • learn techniques for native plant propagation
  • assist with seed collection and management
  • learn about the local remnant grasslands and their management
  • interact with (and potentially lead) local community volunteers who are working towards grassland restoration.


To participate in Seeds to Success, you must be a student enrolled in a course of study at Victoria University.

You will need to complete a minimum of 20 hours of work in the program over either five whole days or eight half days throughout the year.

VU staff are also welcome to volunteer.

When & where

When: every Thursday (but you must let us know that you will be attending)
Where: Iramoo Native Plant Nursery, Portable 1J, St Albans Campus


Megan O’Shea
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +61 3 9919 2129

Seeds to Success is delivered by Moondani Balluk, Cairnlea Conservation Reserves Committee of Management and The Green Lab @ Iramoo.

Contact us

Megan O’Shea

[email protected]