There are a number of alternate study options you can undertake that will contribute towards the successful completion of your qualification.

Undertaking additional units of study or short programs in mandatory and/or voluntary study periods can be a great way to catch up or fast track your study.

You could even study for one or two semesters on an exchange program at one of VU's partner universities - we have over 100 across 30 countries.

Summer & winter study periods

Studying during non-mandatory study periods is a great way to get ahead, or catch-up if you studied a lighter course load or failed a unit.

Find out what units are available to study during summer & winter periods.

Short programs & study tours

The benefits of gaining international experience are well established, but traditional study periods or year-long programs aren't for everyone!

Short programs and study tours are a great alternative and provide possibilities for interaction with host communities, cross-cultural exchange, language building skills and international education.

Exchange & study abroad (outbound)

There are many great reasons to undertake an exchange or study abroad program overseas.

You'll gain credit towards your VU degree, see the world and have the opportunity to discover yourself while gaining an understanding of a different culture.

Find out more about studying overseas.

Cross-institutional enrolment (outbound)

You may be able to undertake a unit(s) of study at another provider and, upon completion, have it credited toward your VU qualification.

To undertake cross-institutional study, you must have:

  • a sound academic reason for studying the unit at another provider; that is, the selected unit of study must not be offered at VU, and is directly related to your field of study and forms part of your course structure
  • completed all mandatory first year units
  • College approval.

Please note that capstone and core units cannot be taken cross-institutionally.

Single unit of study

Explore new interests or brush up on a particular competency relevant to your profession by undertaking a single unit of study.