It’s a huge understatement, but it's got to be said – Open Days are looking a bit different these days!

But while the smell of popcorn and the sizzle of taco trucks may not make an appearance, the unmistakable buzz of a uni showing what they’re made of will definitely be there.

So whether you’re making the first steps towards building your career – or going back to make a change or upskill – here are seven tips to get the most out of your Virtual Open Day experience.

7 tips to make the most of Virtual Open Day

1. Get comfy

Comfort is paramount! Settle in to the best room of the house where you can get some peace (if possible), throw on your comfiest outfit/blanket and set yourself up with your favourite drinks and snacks. Consider keeping it brain-foody – think snacks that won’t put you to sleep – as there’s lots to see and learn.

2. Make it personal

Remember, Open Days are all about you. And VU’s Virtual Open Day puts you in control. While you navigate your Virtual Open Day, you’ll be simultaneously creating your own personalised package of information and experiences, tailored to your interests and designed to help you make the right decisions about your future. This is how you build your block – and build your future.

3. Prepare your questions & ask away

Write down a bunch of questions you’d like to ask – about courses, student life, the VU Block Model, the application process, the benefits of VU’s focus on practical learning, accommodation – anything you can think of! This will help you to find what you need more efficiently.

At VU’s Virtual Open Day you can watch presentations and ask follow-up questions, reach out for live chats with current students and staff, and get one-on-one advice – either on the day or following the event.

4. Fetch your folks

Parents and guardians love Open Day – sometimes more than you. It might be their only opportunity to check out your uni – as there’s not going to be any parent-teacher interviews!

They’ve had years of experience in the real world and often have curly questions you’d never even think of. You can choose to do the day together, or they can register separately so you can go solo and chat about it later.

5. Check out the vibe

Are you a practical learner? Does the idea of VU’s Block Model appeal to you? Do you want to make friends who have the same interests as you? VU’s Virtual Open Day will tell you everything about what VU stands for.

As a university that puts our students at the centre of everything we do, VU is committed to providing skills, confidence and connections. You'll get this through practical placements, and an enjoyable experience both in class and through clubs and societies, events and support.

6. Before the day – do your research

Before the day, it’s a great idea to find out more about:

  • VU’s Block Model. The difference with VU’s award-winning Block Model is that you study just one subject at a time (rather than four at other unis) over four weeks, in smaller workshop-style classes (so you get more time with your teacher).
  • VU Polytechnic’s Blended Learning model. An award-winning model that combines eLearning with classroom and hands-on, industry-based learning.
  • TAFE and uni terminologies. There’s no such thing as a silly question – but if you want to get your head around some uni and TAFE terminologies, check out the questions we get asked all the time!

Settle in and explore your future!