Fee extensions

University (HE) and TAFE (VET) students may be eligible for a fee extension if they meet the criteria defined as 'exceptional circumstances'. 

If you are a TAFE student, you also may be eligible for a fee extension.

'Exceptional circumstances' HE & VET fee extensions

You may be eligible to apply for 'exceptional circumstances' extensions if you are a:

  • international student
  • domestic VET student studying certificate I to IV or diploma courses who cannot defer fees with a loan*
  • domestic postgraduate masters student.

*Eligible TAFE students who cannot meet a standard extended payment due date.

Exceptional circumstances may include:

  • unexpected financial hardship (VET domestic students)
  • personal injury or illness
  • banking delay
  • sponsor issue (e.g. illness, death)
  • natural or economic disaster.

If you are TAFE/VET student enrolled in a Certificate I to IV course and are not eligible for a fee extension; you need to pay your fees by the due date or defer by census date, or apply for a TAFE payment plan.

Apply for a fee extension

If you believe you meet the criteria for exceptional circumstances outlined above, you'll need to attend an interview with a Senior Adviser to apply.

Please send the information listed below to [email protected] .

Preparing for the interview

Before attending the interview:

  • complete the fee extension application form, including the expenditure sheet on the second page
  • prepare any additional evidence/supporting documentation.


You must also provide evidence to support your case, such as:

  • the completed fee extension application form
  • a personal statement outlining your circumstances, including the date when you can pay your fees in full
  • Statement of Account (invoice)
  • proof of income (payslips or statement of payment from Centrelink)
  • receipts for all payments
  • supporting documentation outlining your exceptional circumstances (download the application form for more details).

Book an interview with a Senior Adviser

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