Building a custom-made future

Grace De Losa
Pursuing a Bachelor of Business at VU has allowed me to customise my education to fit my specific interests and career goals.

Grace De Losa
Bachelor of Business

Grace De Losa shares how the Bachelor of Business (Marketing & Event Management) has allowed her to design her education to fit her goals – thanks to the ability to combine majors and the VU Block Model.

“I chose to study at Victoria University (VU) because it is known for its high-quality education, and its strong reputation for business and marketing programs which align with my career aspirations.

“It offers opportunities to network and gain professional experience. Along with the Block Model, this made VU the perfect choice for me to pursue my education and career goals.”

Customising her own experience

“Pursuing a Bachelor of Business at VU has allowed me to customise my education to fit my specific interests and career goals.

“One big way is being able to combine majors, like Marketing and Event Management, giving me a well-rounded understanding of the business world while also honing in on what I'm really passionate about.”

A more focused way to study

“The Block Model, which consists of intensive and focused study blocks, has been a huge help in tailoring my learning journey as well. The focused blocks of learning allow for a deeper dive into certain subjects.

“It's allowed me to really understand the material and apply it in real-world projects, and it’s great for balancing study with other commitments.“

A unique learning environment

“The state-of-the-art facilities at the VU City Tower have greatly assisted my learning and have added a new level of enjoyment to my university experience.

“The modern, spacious classrooms and various on-site amenities, such as the library and computer labs, greatly enhance my ability to learn, study and research effectively.

“I'm really enjoying the unique and valuable learning opportunities that the City Tower provides.”

Embedded in industry – on-site

“The Work Integrated Learning (WIL) experience has been incredibly valuable – working as part of the VU Future Students event team has allowed me to gain experience in event management and supplement my theoretical knowledge.

“I have gained a deeper understanding of the different aspects of event planning and execution, including budgeting, logistics, marketing, and guest management.

“Overall, I am grateful for the opportunity and the experiences it has provided and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for similar opportunities.”

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