Goal 9: Industry, innovation & infrastructure

Through our Institute for Sustainable Industries and Liveable Cities (ISILC), we aim to create resilient built environments, globally competitive industries and socially inclusive communities.

We conduct real-world research in developing smart technology, sustainable packaging, and innovative infrastructure to achieve better, cleaner industries and communities.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, data show that higher-technology industries recovered faster and proved to be more resilient, pointing to the need to promote innovation and technology transfer in a way that benefits all countries.
– United Nations

Research, engagement & education 2020-21

We promote efforts towards a circular economy and sustainable infrastructure through targeted, practical research initiatives.

Working with local and state government, we address issues of sustainability in building materials. Learning at VU addresses sustainable construction and design for building projects.

Sustainability on campus

VU’s new City Tower, a vertical campus building, used 90% recycled materials in its construction.