Applied informatics research

Program of Applied Informatics (PAI) is a leading research group in computing and information technology and IT applications.

The aim of the program is to engage computer scientists, experts from application domains (including health, community, business and environments), industry and government partners to develop innovative information technology applications to benefit society.

Applied informatics has been identified as one of Victoria University’s priority research strength areas.

About the program

The Program of Applied Informatics has been established as an early adopter in applied informatics.

Given the applicability of e-research, internet and web services, our purpose is to unite academic and industry expertise for the development of relevant and innovative e-technologies.

While our research areas and projects are multidisciplinary, we generate sustained research output specifically in the e-technology arena with high commercialisation potential.

Every project is likely to create a tangible product that is aligned to a specific industry or community need.


We have expertise in the following research areas: 

  • Health informatics research: comprises an interdisciplinary professional group committed to research excellence in areas of e-health, health data management, health care and service delivery, and health system development.
  • Water resource management: research on water-resource management and ICT-related issues.
  • Services oriented computing: development of distributed software applications and the integration of highly heterogeneous systems.
  • Privacy protection in distributed data mining: research that maintains privacy of each distributed data set in distributed data mining.
  • Intelligent software agent: development of an autonomous software entity which observes and acts upon an environment (ie. it is an agent) and directs its activity towards achieving.
Hua Wang, IT researcher

Track record & profile

We have an international reputation in the research areas of data management, web service, web/data mining, and e-research. The e-research field at PAI involves collaboration among experts from different domains, in particular in ICT, and its applications in health care, environment studies, business process and legal information management.

In addition to high-quality research outcomes and publications, PAI has made a strong impact through applications and collaborations with governments and industrial organisations such as:

  • Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital
  • Westgate General Practice Network
  • Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services
  • Chinese Academy of Science. 

We have established close and broad relationships with institutional and industrial partners and research networks. 

The research funding at PAI has come from a number of Australian Research Council grants, such as discovery, linkage and e-research projects. The Program also attracts a large amount of funding from external bodies.

Facilities & resources

We have access to modern research, educational, consultation and conference facilities, and informatics and computing infrastructure located at Footscray Park campus.

The facilities include:

  • data repository
  • desktop computer and high-performance server
  • advanced network equipment.

Research areas & projects

Our program focuses on application-driven and multidisciplinary research. This involves collaboration among experts from different fields, particularly in the ICT area and its applications in health care, community, business, and environmental studies.

The success of the research undertaken by the program demonstrates the diversity of the six research areas.

We focus on data mining, sensor networks, e-research with applications in health care and environmental studies, and we have an international reputation in these areas. 

Our research has been funded by 15 Australian Research Council (ARC) projects since 2003. AIP has worked successfully with government and industry organisations to apply its core techniques in data mining and sensor networks in e-Health and e-Environment fields.

Team members

Find out who is in the team, and read our researcher biographies via the links.

Partners, funders & collaborators

We undertake multidisciplinary research on applied informatics in partnership with government, industry, not-for-profit organisations and other universities in Australia and overseas.

Contact us

Professor Hua Wang
Program of Applied Informatics
Institute for Sustainable Industries & Liveable Cities (ISILC)

PO Box 14428
Melbourne, VIC, 8001

Phone: +61 3 9919 4810
Email: [email protected]