Academic Board & committees

The Academic Board has been established as the peak academic governance body within the University and which reports to the Council as a delegate on academic matters.

It is tasked with ensuring the University maintains quality learning, teaching, scholarship and research. As well as reviewing academic policy recommendations and approving and accrediting degrees and other awards, it provides a forum for debate within the University and between the academic community and senior executive officers. 

Academic Board's Terms of Reference should be read in conjunction with the Academic Board Regulations 2021.

Academic Board Membership

The Academic Board is composed of ex-officio members and internal members including teaching and research staff, professional staff and students.

Chairperson: Professor Tom Clark
Phone: +61 3 9919 2196
Email: [email protected]

Academic Board functions

Purpose and responsibilities of the Academic Board.

Academic Board meetings

The Academic Board meetings commence at 9am and are held at the Footscray Park Campus.

Committees of Academic Board

Supporting the Academic Board, and established under delegations, are the following committees of the Academic Board:

  • Academic Board Executive Committee (including power in its own right)
  • Courses Committee
  • Learning & Teaching Quality Committee
  • Research & Research Training Committee.