Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced educators with a passion for learning.

Our administrative staff are friendly and approachable and ensure the smooth running of VU English.

Meet our staff

Dianne McKeagney, General Manager, VU English

Dianne has more than 20 years' experience in international education. In addition to teaching in Australia, she has taught English in Japan, China, Vietnam and Indonesia. She has a Master of Education in TESOL and has been an IELTS examiner for more than 10 years.

Dianne loves travel, film, music and tap dancing.

Hilda Cove, Program Manager, Teaching & Learning

Hilda has worked at Victoria University (VU) for several years in a variety of roles. Before working in her current position, she was the Senior Project Officer (Offshore) and was based in Beijing where she oversaw VU’s partner university programs across China. She has also been Course Coordinator and ELICOS teacher with VU English and she is an experienced IELTS examiner and test administrator.

Hilda is an avid traveller.

Nadia Chighine, Director of Studies

Nadia has worked in the ESL and Bilingual education sector for more than 20 years. She has postgraduate degrees in TESOL and Drama Education and has taught in ELICOS centres and in schools in Melbourne. She has worked as a teacher, coordinator and an English examiner in Melbourne, China and Vietnam. Nadia has also designed curriculum and assessments for English and Italian programs.

Nadia loves to travel and her favourite place is Rome.

Warwick Edmonds

Warwick has a postgraduate diploma in TESOL and more than 20 years' experience teaching English. He began his career as a primary school teacher in England. In 1993 he started teaching English to adult migrant students. He has worked at Victoria University for more than 15 years teaching ELICOS across a range of levels.

Warwick enjoys sport and travel.

Matthew Truelove

Matthew graduated from his Bachelor of English Literature in 1998. He worked in London for seven years before completing his postgraduate teacher training and moving to Australia. He taught in the Gold Coast and Sydney before moving to Melbourne and joining Victoria University in 2008.

He enjoys playing the guitar and taking his two sons, Oscar and Harvey, to the beach.

Richard Holland

Richard's first job after leaving university was as a high school French teacher in Harare, Zimbabwe. After re-locating to the UK, he qualified as an EFL teacher and spent 10 years in the Middle East. He migrated to Australia in 2003 and starting work at Victoria University. He enjoys teaching the higher levels of English and particularly enjoys working on the English for Academic Purposes course.

Richard likes swimming, running, yoga and good cinema.

Carla Bardella

Carla has a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) specialising in sociology and language and a Graduate Diploma of Education in TESOL and Italian. She began teaching ESL at VU English in 2007, and is now Coordinator of VU English's Independent Learning Centre. She also has extensive experience teaching in China and Hong Kong.

Her passions include reading, swimming, cycling and a partner dance called Balboa, which is done to 1940s jazz music. She also enjoys talking with people from other cultures to gain a better understanding of the world we live in.

Netra Dave, Administration Officer

Netra is a tertiary-qualified business administration professional. Netra has more than four years' experience in tertiary administration and teaching in overseas Commerce and Management Colleges.

Netra enjoys exploring Melbourne and loves cooking and craftwork.