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    After developing a solid grounding in science and mathematics from the core units in first year, this specific group of units allows you to pursue a Major in Biotechnology.

    This biotechnology major has a strong research and application focus and will produce graduates that are ‘work ready’ by combining an extensive laboratory program with training on state-of-the-art instrumentation and techniques along with a final year research project. The course combines studies in modern cell-, molecular-, immuno- and micro-biology to develop a broad range of knowledge and investigative skills that are applicable to a broad range of research fields, industries and employers. The laboratory program includes hands-on training on modern analytical equipment including applications, theory of operation, optimisation and data analysis.

    The major includes two Capstone units:

    NEF3001 Applied Project 1 which provides an overview of the broad range of research fields and industries that utilise biotechnological advances in real world settings. This unit also provides research training in industrial techniques as well as field trips to biotechnology companies. This unit also considers the broader context of biotechnological advances in modern society.

    NEF3002 Applied Project 2 which enables students to complete either a research project in a field of biotechnology or a work placement in the biotechnology industry. This provides graduates with significant practical experience in a research or industry setting and provides training in the administrative requirements of lab-based research.

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