Our exclusive VU Guaranteed program offers Year 11 and 12 students from partnership schools a guaranteed place at Victoria University (VU) or Victoria University Polytechnic (VU Polytechnic), prior to their final Year 12 exams.

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Benefits for you

VU Guaranteed ensures that if you're willing and motivated to study you can access a course that will take you to your chosen career path.

A guaranteed place at VU

Feel confident going into your exams knowing that you have a guaranteed a place with us. VU Guaranteed is designed to make your final school years less stressful and maximise your chances of success in Year 12, uni and beyond.

You will receive your VU Guaranteed outcome within a week of applying.

Scholarship opportunities

Your VU Guaranteed application includes a submission for a financial scholarship to VU or VU Polytechnic, to help support you in your studies.

Two successful Year 12 VU Guaranteed applicants from each partner school will receive a $2000 Ignite scholarship.

One successful VU Guaranteed Year 11 applicant from each partner school will be awarded a $500 Ignite grant to help set them up for success during Year 12.

These scholarships can help with expenses like technology, text books and public transport costs. To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must be an Australian citizen, Australian Permanent Resident, New Zealand citizen, holder of a Permanent Humanitarian Visa or holder of a Temporary Protection Visa.

5 bonus ATAR points

As a VU Guaranteed applicant, you'll receive an additional 5 ATAR points towards your Selection Rank for most courses that consider the ATAR as part of the selection process.

These extra points are part of the maximum adjustment points allowed (20 ATAR points overall) including eligible Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS), subject adjustments and other ATAR adjustment schemes.

Please note: Bachelor of Education (P-12) is excluded from this bonus.

Tailored advice

We’ll contact you in the lead up to Year 12 exams, and after results are released to offer you tailored advice on all your study options.

As a VU Guaranteed student, you still need to apply for your preferred courses through VTAC or direct to VU Polytechnic for any TAFE courses.

If you don't meet the admission criteria for the course you apply for, you will be mapped into an alternative course during the VTAC Change of Preference period.

This means you’re still guaranteed a place at VU or VU Polytechnic that will help you find a pathway to your career goals.

Exclusive opportunities

You will have access to exclusive virtual and on-campus events where you will have an opportunity to be inspired by current students, academics and industry leaders, and ease into uni life.

UniLodge discount

As a VU Guaranteed student, you are eligible for an exclusive discount at our accommodation partner, UniLodge Victoria University, to help you transition into life at VU. The $172 weekly rate is available for 6-bedroom apartments for VUG students enrolling in first year in 2022.

“VU Guaranteed relieves a lot of the stress and anxiety that comes with applying for a course and makes the process feel less intimidating. Knowing that I had a guaranteed place in my dream university course was incredibly comforting and reassuring."

Arianna Ioannou
Bachelor of Community Development

Eligibility for the VU Guaranteed program

To apply for VU Guaranteed and be guaranteed a place at VU you need to:

  • be a current Year 11 or 12 student at an eligible school
  • go on to complete Year 12 (note: if you are completing VCAL or an unscored VCE, you are still eligible to apply)
  • add a VU course to your VTAC preference list or apply direct for VU Polytechnic courses.

Remember, a VU Guaranteed application is not a course application. You still need add a VU course to your VTAC preference list or apply direct for VU Polytechnic courses.

Eligible schools for a VU Guaranteed place are:

  • Aitken College
  • Al-Taqwa College
  • Antonine College
  • Assumption College
  • Australian International Academy of Education
  • Ave Maria College
  • Bacchus Marsh College
  • Bacchus Marsh Grammar
  • Ballarat High School
  • Bayside P-12 College - Paisley Campus
  • Bellarine Secondary College
  • Bendigo Senior Secondary College
  • Braemar College
  • Braybrook College
  • Broadford Secondary College
  • Brunswick Secondary College
  • Buckley Park College
  • Caroline Chisholm Catholic College
  • Catherine Mcauley College
  • Catholic College Wodonga
  • Catholic Regional College - Melton
  • Catholic Regional College - Sydenham
  • Christian College Institute of Senior Education
  • Clonard College
  • Copperfield College
  • Craigieburn Secondary College
  • Damascus College
  • Dandenong High School
  • Emmanuel College - Altona North
  • Emmanuel College - Point Cook
  • Epping Secondary College
  • Essendon Keilor College
  • Footscray High School
  • Frankston High School - VCE Campus
  • Geelong High School
  • Geelong Lutheran College
  • Gilson College
  • Gippsland Grammar - Senior
  • Gisborne Secondary College
  • Gladstone Park Secondary College
  • Glenroy Secondary College
  • Good News Lutheran College
  • Greater Shepparton Secondary College
  • Grovedale College
  • Hallam Senior Secondary College
  • Hampton Park Secondary College
  • Heathdale Christian College
  • Hoppers Crossing Secondary College
  • Hume Anglican Grammar
  • Hume Central Secondary College - Town Park Campus
  • Ilim College of Australia
  • Islamic College of Melbourne
  • John Paul College
  • Kardinia International College
  • Keilor Downs College
  • Kensington Community High School
  • Keysborough Secondary College - Acacia Campus
  • Keysborough Secondary College - Banksia Campus
  • Kolbe Catholic College
  • Kurunjang Secondary College
  • Kyneton Secondary College
  • Lakeview Senior College
  • Lalor North Secondary College
  • Lalor Secondary College
  • Laverton P-12 College - Bladin Campus
  • Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School
  • Mackillop Catholic Regional College Werribee
  • Manor Lakes P-12 College
  • Marian College Sunshine
  • Maribyrnong Secondary College
  • Melton Christian College
  • Melton Secondary College
  • Mildura Senior College
  • Mill Park Secondary College
  • Mount Alexander 7-12 College
  • Mount Ridley College
  • Mount Rowan Secondary College
  • Mount St Joseph Girls' College
  • North Geelong Secondary College
  • Northern Bay P-12 College
  • Notre Dame College
  • Overnewton Anglican Community College
  • Parade College
  • Pascoe Vale Girls Secondary College
  • Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School
  • Penola Catholic College
  • Point Cook Senior Secondary College
  • Rosehill Secondary College
  • Roxburgh College
  • Sacred Heart College Geelong
  • Sacred Heart College Kyneton
  • Salesian College Sunbury
  • Seymour College
  • Sirius College - Broadmeadows (Eastmeadows) Campus
  • Sirius College - Keysborough Campus
  • Sirius College - Meadow Fair Campus
  • Southern Cross Grammar
  • Springside West Secondary College
  • St Albans Secondary College
  • St Bernard's College
  • St Columba's College
  • St Joseph's College - Mildura
  • St Joseph's College - Newtown
  • St Mary’s College Windsor
  • St Mary's Coptic Orthodox College
  • St Monica's College
  • St Patrick's College
  • St Paul's Anglican Grammar School
  • St Peter's College
  • Staughton College
  • Strathmore Secondary College
  • Sunbury College
  • Sunbury Downs Secondary College
  • Sunshine College
  • Suzanne Cory High School
  • Tarneit Senior College
  • Taylors Lakes Secondary College
  • The Grange P-12 College
  • Thomas Carr College
  • Victoria University – TAFE Footscray Nicholson
  • Victoria University – TAFE Werribee
  • Victoria University Secondary College - Brimbank Campus
  • Warragul Regional College
  • Werribee Secondary College
  • Westbourne Grammar School - Hoppers Crossing Campus
  • William Ruthven Secondary College
  • Williamstown High School
  • Wodonga Senior Secondary College
  • Wonthaggi Secondary College (McBride Campus)
  • Woodmans Hill Secondary College
  • Wyndham Central College

Schools are selected for eligibility in the VU Guaranteed program based on:

  • location
  • ongoing enrolment and engagement with Victoria University and Victoria University Polytechnic
  • ICSEA scores.

To request your school be considered for the 2022 program, please contact [email protected].

"VU Guaranteed helped me to manage Year 12 with less pressure. I was able to decide what my future was going to look like, rather than having to just wait and see."

Aleksandar Jandric
Bachelor of Information Technology

VU Guaranteed steps to success

If you are eligible to apply for VU Guaranteed, follow these eight easy steps.

Step 1 – Visit the website

You’re already here so that’s step one done! Now get familiar with the process and review the sample responses from successful students below that can help you with your application.

Applications will close in line with VTAC SEAS and scholarship applications for both Year 11 and 12 students. This will be in the second half of 2021; we'll add the dates here once we have them (check the VTAC dates for updates).

As part of the application, you'll be asked to tell us a little about yourself through answering the following questions. Be sure to allow about 15-20 minutes to focus on your responses.

Please note: The answers that you provide in your VU Guaranteed application are the answers that will be used for your scholarship application.

Questions for Year 11 students

(Maximum response per question: 100 words.)

  1. Why do you want to study at VU?
  2. How do you contribute to your community, school or family?
  3. How might a $500 grant help to set you up for success in Year 12?

Questions for Year 12 students

(Maximum response per question: 100 words.)

  1. Why do you want to study at VU?
  2. Who inspires you to succeed?
  3. How would studying at VU help you to make a difference in the world?
  4. How would a $2000 scholarship help to set you up for success at university or TAFE?

Sample answer: Why do you want to study at VU?

I would like to study at VU because of the positive reputation I have received from media and current and past students of the university, as well as the atmosphere of the institution I experienced when attending the campus for open days or sport training. The opportunities that VU offers through courses and partnerships add another aspect to why VU is my first preference of universities. The way in which the Block Model is run also appeals to me and I believe will assist me in achieving the best I can.

Sample answer: Who inspires you to succeed?

1. My late grandfather inspires me to succeed. At the age of 20 he started his own business and built his dream from the ground up. He migrated to Australia with very little English and was a hard worker who provided for his family and gave back to the community during his life. I have inherited his work ethic, and know that if I have the opportunity to go to university I will be able to go even further and also give back to the community.

2. I’m inspired to succeed by former prime minister Julia Gillard. She was a trail-blazer for Australian women, a leader in politics and a former lawyer – also a male-dominated profession. She fought against discrimination to get to the top of her career and while in power she responded to unfair targeting and slanderous behaviour with intelligence and respect.

Sample answer: How do you contribute to your community, school and/or family?

I have volunteered with The Uniting Care within the last year and have received a Certificate of Appreciation. During this time I assisted with the distribution of food to less fortunate members of the Geelong community. I also have a driving passion for environmental health and sustainability. Through my casual employment I engage with management in an attempt to change and improve environmental practices of the business to ensure that a more sustainable approach is taken. This is an important element of business models for the future.

Sample answer: How would studying at VU help you make a difference in the world?

Getting an education at Victoria University will enable me to gain the knowledge to help others in my community, as I hope to become a nurse. I’m hoping to be able to specialise in mental health nursing as I believe that it is such an important area among the community and particularly younger people. I’m hoping that studying nursing will help give me the skills to support young people who are struggling and give them the skills they need to get back on their feet.

Sample answer: How would a $2000 scholarship help set you up for success at University or TAFE?

1. The scholarship will allow me to buy essential items for my studies, including technology and books. This would reduce the financial stresses of university and help me to focus on my studies at VU.

2. I am planning a trip back to my family’s home country next year. The scholarship will help me to pay for that and have a really rich cultural experience of discovering where my ancestors lived – this will be something I’ll take with me for the rest of my life that will help inform my cultural studies.

Sample answer: How would a $500 study grant help set you up for success in Year 12?

The study grant will allow me to pay for text books and other items for school – it would help reduce the financial pressures on my family and myself, so that I can focus better on my studies.

We'll be in touch within a week to let you know if you have been successful with your VU Guaranteed application.

If you’re not successful, we can help with advice on how to resubmit your application.

You will find out in Term 4 if you were successful in receiving a scholarship.

If you're a VU Guaranteed student, you’ll get VIP opportunities you won’t want to miss throughout the year so stay tuned.

Your VU Guaranteed application is not a course application. To be considered for an offer in your preferred VU course, you need to complete a course application.

All Victoria University bachelor courses are listed on VTAC.

If you want to apply for a Victoria University Polytechnic course, you will need to apply directly to Victoria University Polytechnic.

Your teacher or career practitioner will let you know in Term 4 if you’ve been awarded an Ignite scholarship or grant.

Year 12 results are released in December.

After results are released, we'll contact you to chat about your study options based on your results and give you tailored course advice. There's still a chance to change your VTAC course preferences according to our advice.

You will receive a course offer through VTAC from December, or directly from VU Polytechnic for apply-direct courses.

To ensure that you receive an offer, you must have either:

  • listed your desired course as your highest eligible preference on your VTAC preference list (if it is a VTAC-listed course), or
  • applied directly to VU Polytechnic (if your selected course is not on the VTAC course listing).

“Knowing I had a guaranteed place in my course was a perk for me, as well as the 5 extra points on my ATAR score. It gave me a sense of relief knowing I had already completed the hardest step of all.”

Read Eman's story
Diploma & Bachelor of Education Studies 

Admission requirements

As a VU Guaranteed applicant, you will be guaranteed a place at VU or VU Polytechnic, but not necessarily for a particular course.

Your VU Guaranteed application is not a course application. All VU higher education courses are listed on VTAC. You will need to apply directly to VU Polytechnic for all TAFE courses.

You'll still need to satisfy the admission criteria for the courses you preference in VTAC or apply for directly. If you do not meet the admission criteria, we will guarantee a place in an alternative course.

More information

You need to complete a VTAC application to be eligible for a place in your preferred course. All Victoria University bachelor courses are listed on VTAC.

If you want to apply for a Victoria University Polytechnic course, you will need to apply directly to Victoria University Polytechnic.

You still need to meet all admission criteria for your preferred course to be made an offer. If you do not meet the admission criteria, we guarantee you a place in an alternative course.

Eligible schools have been included in the program on the basis of:

  • location
  • enrolment and engagement history with VU/VU polytechnic
  • ICSEA scores.

All Year 11 and 12 students from selected partner schools are able to apply for the program. If you would like to have your school considered for the 2022 VUG program, please contact [email protected].

Don’t worry! We will be in touch with you to give you some advice on how to reapply for your place in the program.

The answers that you supply in your VU Guaranteed application will also be used to assess your scholarship application.

Victoria University will shortlist students from each school based on their answers and provide this shortlist to each school in November.

Schools will be responsible for selecting which students will receive the VU Ignite scholarships using this information, in line with VTAC offer dates.

You should receive your VU Guaranteed application outcome within seven days.

If you have not received an email with this information, check in your spam folder. If you still are unable to locate the email, please contact [email protected].

Still have questions? Get in touch with via email: [email protected]. Or register for VU Guaranteed updates

Refer to the VU Guaranteed terms and conditions for more information and FAQs.

“In Year 12, VU Guaranteed gave me the security of a place at VU or VU Polytechnic, so I could focus on my studies without stressing about getting in. It was like a set and forget."

Read Elise's story
Bachelor of Laws