Student loans from VU

If you are a current VU student, we may be able to assist you with study costs through our student loan scheme.

The maximum loan amount is $1000.

The student loan from VU does not cover tuition fees or fines owing - it is for:

  • books
  • computers
  • course-related materials
  • with medical costs
  • living expenses
  • housing costs.


In order to apply for a loan from VU, you must be:

  • enrolled at VU in a higher education or VET/TAFE course
  • able to demonstrate your ability to repay the loan within the specified time.

Students enrolled in a short course (full fee) are not eligible for a student loan from VU.

How to apply

To apply for a student loan from VU:

  • complete the Student Loan form in full
  • provide proof of your income such as payslips, bank and Centrelink statements
  • provide evidence of what the loan will be used for.

If it is clear that you cannot repay the loan, you'll need to explore other options such as an advance from Centrelink or borrowing from family as your loan will not be approved.

We also recommend you:


Guarantors are required for:

  • all loans greater than $500
  • all borrowers aged under 18 years.

Your guarantor:

  • must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • must not be a student from any educational institution or a VU staff member (unless the staff member is a relative).

Guarantor forms must be completed and signed by a Justice of the Peace (for example a pharmacist or a doctor).

International students are not required to provide a guarantor.


Your student loan will be paid straight into your bank account.