Cultural clubs

VU is a multicultural university.

We celebrate our diverse student community and encourage you to join one of our cultural clubs.

VU Indian Club

VU Indian Club (VUIC) aims to celebrate the rich and diverse cultures of India.

We hold events and activities throughout the year such as:

  • Holi, the Indian festival of spring, also known as the festival of colours or the festival of love, which signifies the victory of good over evil
  • Diwali, a popular Hindu festival symbolising the spiritual victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance
  • Bollywood movie nights
  • trivia nights
  • online competitions.

Don't miss out on that Bhangra beat and delicious food. Sign up via the Facebook link below and shoot us an email if you have any questions.


Facebook: Indian Club on Facebook

Instagram: Indian Club on Instagram

Email: [email protected]

Pasifika Islander Association VU

At PIA VU, our mission is to Promote, Appreciate, and Celebrate Pacific Culture. We're not just an association; we're a vibrant community where the richness of Pasifika heritage comes to life. We invite everyone to join us in our cultural journey, from the Pacific islands to the heart of Victoria University. 

Let's build bridges, share stories, and celebrate the Pasifika spirit together!

Our activities

  • Coffee Meet-Up Sessions: Gather around for a cup of warmth and good company as we share stories and laughter. 
  • Handicraft Sessions: Unleash your creativity and learn traditional Pacific crafts that tell tales of our diverse cultures. 
  • Event Viewing: Immerse yourself in the beauty of Pacific events, showcasing the vibrant traditions and talents of our community. 
  • Traditional Dish for the Month: Experience the flavours of the Pacific with our DISH OF THE MONTH Event! 

Shout Out Call!

We extend a warm invitation to all, whether you're of Pacific descent or simply curious about the wonders of Pacific Culture. Join us and become a part of our growth! Your presence is not just welcomed; it's celebrated. 

Connect with us


Facebook: Pacific Islander Association Victoria University on Facebook 

Instagram: PIA VU on Instagram

Email: [email protected]