Expand your academic and social networks. Our academic clubs help you meet like-minded people who are studying the same course or share common interests.

Get advice, brainstorm ideas and make friends.

Golden Key International Honour Society

Join top performing students in the Golden Key International Honour Society. With chapters in 400 universities around the world, you have the opportunity to network with any of the 2 million members across the globe.

Victoria University's chapter invites students who perform within the top 15% of their College to join.

Members are encouraged to:

  • apply for scholarships within Golden Key
  • attend events to meet like-minded people
  • give back to the community through service.

Website: Golden Key - VU chapter

Facebook: Golden Key - VU chapter on Facebook

Email: [email protected]

Midwifery Society

The VU Midwifery Society provides students with opportunities to expand their professional development through discounted workshops and seminars and organised group study sessions.

Be involved with fundraising for women and their families in the community and engage with fellow midwifery students at social events.

Facebook: VU Midwifery Society on Facebook

Email: [email protected]


Victoria University Motorsport (VUM) is a student group led by mechanical engineering undergraduate students, and is open to all undergraduates studying at VU.

You can design, build and race a race car.

Website: Victoria University Motorsport (VUM)

Email: [email protected]

Osteopathic Medicine Association

The Student Osteopathic Medicine Association (SOMA) provides social and educational opportunities to Victoria University students enrolled in osteopathy.

SOMA offers a range of beneficial seminars that are not offered as part of the osteopathy course, allowing students to expand their knowledge and skills. These seminars are open to all students.

Email: [email protected]

Paramedic Association

At the VU Student Paramedic Association (VUSPA) we take pride in our status as a not for profit organisation run by students for students.

Our core mission remains true to that originally conceived by our founders - the promotion of the welfare, education and social interests of student paramedics.

Website: VUSPA

Email: [email protected]

Women in Science & Engineering Club

The Women in Science & Engineering (WISE) Club aims to:

  • empower and support current female students
  • inspire future generations of women to pursue Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in their career path.

We aim to provide networking opportunities with industry professionals, social functions and industrial visits.

Facebook: WISE Club on Facebook

Email: [email protected]