Expand your academic and social networks. Our academic clubs help you meet like-minded people who are studying the same course or share common interests.

Get advice, brainstorm ideas, explore your passion and make friends.

Data Analytics Student Association

The VU Data Analytics Student Association (DASA.VU) supports students who are interested in analytics by:

  • providing mentorship and skill building workshops
  • building connections with industry and analytics networks
  • sharing knowledge about new developments in data analytics.

Register for DASA.VU

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @DASAVicUni

Golden Key International Honour Society

Join top performing students in the Golden Key International Honour Society. With chapters in 400 universities around the world, you have the opportunity to network with any of the 2 million members across the globe.

Victoria University's chapter invites students who perform within the top 15% of their College to join.

Members are encouraged to:

  • apply for scholarships within Golden Key
  • attend events to meet like-minded people
  • give back to the community through service.

Website: Golden Key – VU chapter

Facebook: Golden Key – VU chapter on Facebook

Email: [email protected]

Midwifery Society

The VU Midwifery Society provides students with opportunities to expand their professional development through discounted workshops and seminars and organised group study sessions.

Be involved with fundraising for women and their families in the community and engage with fellow midwifery students at social events.

Facebook: VU Midwifery Society on Facebook

Email: [email protected]


Victoria University Motorsport (VUM) is a student group led by mechanical engineering undergraduate students, and is open to all undergraduates studying at VU.

You can design, build and race a race car.

Website: Victoria University Motorsport (VUM)

Email: [email protected]

Osteopathic Medicine Association

The Student Osteopathic Medicine Association (SOMA) provides social and educational opportunities to Victoria University students enrolled in osteopathy.

SOMA offers a range of beneficial seminars that are not offered as part of the osteopathy course, allowing students to expand their knowledge and skills. These seminars are open to all students.

Email: [email protected]

Physiotherapy Association

The VU Physiotherapy Association (VU PA) was established to assist members in attaining extra qualifications, contacts, and skills for their future careers after graduating. The association is proudly inclusive and accessible to all physiotherapy students at VU and values strong social and professional connections between members.

Email: [email protected]

VU Physiotherapy Association logo

VU Psychology Society

The VU Psychology Society (VUPS) is an inclusive society that welcomes members who are currently studying or have an interest in psychology. VUPS intends to:

  • link psychology students with each other and relevant VU staff in relaxed and fun environments
  • promote a community that provides opportunities for information sharing
  • assist students with their academic and professional development.

Get in touch to ask about membership.

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/VUPsych 

Facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/VUPsych

Email: [email protected]


The VU Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Club's mission is to create a place in which students from all academic levels and backgrounds can find like-minded peers and establish a more in depth understanding of STEM based careers, research and knowledge within a social environment.

We aim to:

  • help enhance leadership skills while contributing to STEM projects within VU and the wider community
  • support students in building fundamental skills for their future careers
  • help students make valuable contacts for potential research opportunities
  • provide a place for students to interact, mentor each other, socialise and create meaningful connections
  • raise awareness around environmental and socio-scientific issues
  • promote a wide range of STEM initiatives to help students develop skills like communication, critical thinking and collaboration 
  • improve students' cultural understanding and help them become ethical citizens.

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Facebook: VU STEM Facebook page

Instagram: VU STEM Instagram

Website: VU STEM website

Email: [email protected] 

VU STEM logo

VU Teaching Club

The VU Teaching Club (VUTC) aims to unite all aspiring students studying to be educators and student academics at VU by:

  • providing a place for all to showcase their knowledge diversely and holistically, meeting lifelong friends and colleagues in the process
  • encouraging students to engage in collaborative discussions around education topics and themes
  • building understanding of collaborative approaches such as the Strength-Based Approach, Mixed-Ability Groups to guide new graduate teachers
  • offering other guidance and support such as:
    • VU Collaborate guidance and workshops for new students to grasp Master and Postgraduate work expectations
    • mental health awareness and wellbeing strategies
    • assessment and LANTITE guidance
    • placement guidance and narratives
    • resume building
    • VIT registration help
    • job opportunities
    • ideas for potential lesson plans.

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: VUTC on Facebook

Facebook Group: VUTC Group

Twitter: @VUTeachingClub

Instagram: vuteachingclub

VU Teaching Club logo

Women in Science & Engineering Club

The Women in Science & Engineering (WISE) Club aims to provide a supportive environment for current female students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) through:

  • regular professional events, social functions, industry visits and academic field trips
  • networking opportunities with industry professionals
  • mentorship and support from peers and industry professionals
  • leadership development
  • creating a fun and safe community. 

We aim to provide networking opportunities with industry professionals, social functions and industrial visits.

Facebook: WISE Club on Facebook

Email: [email protected]