Student advising for success

When it comes to studying, we understand that it may be difficult to know where to start – especially if you’re new to university.

Student Advisors provide personalised and individualised support and advice, so you can succeed in your studies and get the most out of university life and the VU Block Model®.

In addition to providing accurate and timely information, Student Advisors are your first point of contact for VU support services.

They're here to help you meet your academic and personal goals.

Your personalised success plan

Create your success plan

Once you've completed your Success Plan, book an appointment to speak to a Student Advisor.

Step 1: Get started

Enrol in your HE course, then go to MyVU and choose Start your success journey now

Step 2: The quiz

Why did you choose your course? What are your study expectations, academic goals and potential challenges?

Step 3: Your advisor

You've created your Success Plan! Meet your dedicated Student Advisor, who will guide you through your studies

Second Year advising

Second Year advising provides students with:

  • the support tools to improve academic performance
  • access to enrichment programs and professional development and engagement opportunities.

Our Second Year Advising program is an extension of our Success Planning program. This program is available to you, if you're transitioning from VU First Year College® into your discipline College.

The program will provide you with further information on:

  • course delivery and specialisation
  • placements and work-integrated opportunities
  • Study Abroad options for your course.

Find out more about the program and book a Second Year Advising appointment.

Get to know your advisor

Our friendly team of Student Advisors are here to guide you throughout your studies, so that you can get the most out of university life.

Other advisory support

VU offers advice and support about University life, including academic support, financial advice and health services.

Our friendly VUHQ staff will put you in touch with the best person to deal with your enquiry.

Contact our VUHQ support services: