126 hours
$400 per course


The Chinese Language and Culture Program is a non-award course which provides participants the opportunity to learn Chinese Mandarin and gain an overview of China's changing environment and current business practises.

This course is delivered through the Victoria Business Confucius Institute.

Each of the following units is taught over 18 hours, in a series of 1.5-hours classes (one per week):

  • Basic Chinese 1 - introduction to Chinese basic listening and speaking skills.
  • Basic Chinese 2 - basic Chinese to write up to 100 words, and simple conversation topics.
  • Basic Chinese 3 - recognise and write up to 150 Chinese words and be able to pass the Chinese proficiency test HSK 2 (160+).
  • Business Chinese 1 - introduction to Chinese with basic greetings and expressions, and understanding of business practices.
  • Business Chinese 2 - recognise and write up to 150 Chinese words and basic business conversation.
  • Business Chinese 3 - expand vocabulary and be able to pass Chinese proficiency test BCT 1(200 words).
  • Chinese Business Language and Culture - introduction to basic Chinese culture and language.

Completion of all of these units is 126 hours total.

Tuition fees per 18-hour course are $400.

Certificate of completion is granted at the end of each unit (80% or higher class attendance rate is required).

A teacher giving a Chinese Mandarin class.

Course contents

To be granted a Chinese Language and Culture Program Statement of Completion, all seven (7) units must be successfully completed.
Successfully completing individual units will be acknowledged through a Certificate of Completion of that unit.

Chinese Language and Culture Program aims to provide participants with an opportunity to learn Chinese Mandarin, gain an overview of China's changing environment and current business practices. Participants will learn Chinese that is especially relevant for business purposes in China or for working with Chinese speaking clients and partners.

Specifically, the program is designed to:

- Provide an introduction at a reasonable pace in Chinese with the emphasis on developing listening and speaking skills.
- Learn expressions used in various situations.
- Experience Chinese culture.
- Learn Chinese current national conditions and business environment.
- Understand the differences and the similarities between the Chinese and Western Business customs.

Admission & pathways

Meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee you entry into this course. Some courses receive more applications than the number of places available. In this situation we will also assess your education, work and other relevant experience.

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No prior knowledge or experience in Chinese is required for JQU0046 Basic Chinese 1, JQU0049 Business Chinese 1, JQU0052 Chinese Language and Culture.

Those wishing to apply for admission should email Alonso Wang at the Victoria Business Confucius Institute ([email protected]) for more information.

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Contact the course coordinator for enquiries and application:[email protected]

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