Goal 11: Sustainable cities & communities

We are playing our part in achieving this goal through targeted research, industry collaborations and university initiatives.

Direct actions by the university include renewable energy agreements, water recycling and energy-efficient buildings.

Collaboration with community and industry partners brings into our research into sharper focus, with projects addressing sustainable packaging, water infrastructure and use of waste products in building materials.

Since 2015, the number of countries with national disaster risk reduction strategies has more than doubled. To achieve SDG 11, efforts must focus on strengthening capacities for planning for urban development, improving access to public transportation and enhancing waste management. 
– United Nations

Research, engagement & education 2020–21

Moondani Balluk’s Aboriginal research focuses on self-determination, displacement and identity, knowledge and climate change. The Aboriginal History Archive documents over half a century of Aboriginal activism in Australia’s contemporary political history.

Other research examines ways to improve sustainablity and liveability in cities and rural communities.

Engagement with Indigenous and culturally diverse communities aims to reverse patterns of social injustice.

As well as providing support and assistance to our diverse student population, Victoria University offers several teaching programs focused on community health and wellbeing.