Smart energy research

The Smart Energy Research Group has the following aims:

  • assist the modern power engineers work with end-user applications and devices such as 'smart meters'
  • develop strategies for grid design and operation
  • address interconnection and intra-facing frameworks, which are networks within each individual substation of the grid such as generation, transmission, and distribution
  • undertake R&D projects in novel methods to cut bushfire risk from powerlines.

Research areas

We specialise in the following research areas.

Research projects

  • Implementation of the IEC61850 International Protocol for Accurate Fault Location and Arc Voltage estimation in Overhead Power Lines
  • Investigation into the viability of an off grid highly reliable solar/hydrogen power solution
  • High performance Electric Vehicles
  • Experimental Analysis and Development of a Modern Secure Power System
  • Impact of Distributed Generation (DG) on Smart Grid (SG)
  • Advanced Transient Control of a Hybrid Solar/Diesel Electric Power System
  • Medium High Voltage Power Cables Testing and Diagnostics
  • Direct Current based microgrid/distribution/power system/grid Integration of DG
  • Power Quality Issues in Electric Power Distribution System
  • Experimental Analysis and Development of a Secure Power System
  • Investigation of distribution networks with non-conventional energy sources
  • Direct Duty Ratio Based PWM Technique for a Three-to-Five Phase Matrix Converter for Supplying Five-phase Two-motor Drives
  • Development of Islanding Detection and Load Shedding Processes
  • Embedded Generation Network Connection Assessment
  • Wind Farm Network Connection Studies
  • Wind and Solar Power Potential Assessments, and Cogeneration Plant Reviews
  • Transient Stability Study for Industrial Cogeneration Projects

Staff & students

Find out about our researchers, and access their biographies (via links).

Partners, funders & collaborators

We work with several organisations across private and public sectors.

Contact us

Professor Akhtar Kalam
Leader, Smart Energy Research Unit
Phone: +61 3 9919 5504
Email: [email protected]

Associate Professor Aladin Zayegh
Deputy Leader
Phone: +61 3 9919 4858
Email: [email protected]