Connecting to our WiFi

All staff and students can access WiFi on campus by connecting to the eduroam secure wireless network.

Connect to eduroam

Connect to eduroam WiFi with these three steps:

  1. Choose eduroam from the list of networks
  2. Enter your username in the following format [email protected] (for students) or [email protected] (for staff)
  3. Enter your password (same as MYVU) and accept the certificate if requested.

You should now be connected to the Internet.

After you log in the first time your device will remember your credentials and automatically login to eduroam whenever you're on campus.

Using eduroam at other universities

You can access the eduroam wireless network across universities in Australia and overseas by logging on with your VU username and password. Find participating eduroam institutions.

Eduroam connection instructions

Choose your device and follow the step-by-step instructions explaining how to gain access to eduroam WiFi:

Get help

If you are having problems connecting your device you might be able to download a configuration file. We have registered our connection configurations with the eduroam configuration assistant tool which has a downloadable configuration file for many devices and operating systems.

Report an issue

Report any issues you experience while connected to eduroam WiFi network, including weak or no coverage in certain areas to IT Service Desk. Report a blackspot online.