For some young Victorians, the ability to transition smoothly from secondary school to the next phase of their lives has been impacted by COVID-19.

VU’s award-winning AVID Australia and First Year College are collaborating with the Hellenic Museum to co-design an innovative gap-summer teaching, learning, and wellness program that will support school-leavers to step safely into the next phases of their lives lighting up various pathways from school to further study and careers.

Ignited by new passions, young people will identify possible career options that would inspire them to get out of bed each day, even if no one paid them! The project elevates young people as co-researchers navigating the transitions from school-leaver through tertiary pathways and out to work.

This research will:

  • explore the role of museums as “learning organisations” that can support lifelong learning
  • provide insights into the transitions between formal and informal learning to prepare students for careers
  • collect evidence about the impact of COVID-19 on young people transitioning from school to tertiary studies and preparing for careers
  • provide evidence of how effective professional learning strategies can prepare facilitators to teach with high engagement teaching strategies and (re)-engage young people encountering challenging learning and life transitions
  • provide evidence on building effective partnerships between schools and tertiary institutions to support students at risk as they transition from secondary school to tertiary education and beyond.

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