Cell Biology/Microbiology

    Unit set code: NMICBM | Study level: Undergraduate | Unit set type: Discipline Minor
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    After developing a solid grounding in science and mathematics from the core units in first year this group of units allows you to pursue a breadth minor in Cell Biology and Microbiology.

    This biotechnology minor is focussed upon the cellular processes fundamental to life and spans both single celled organisms through to complex multi-cellular life. In addition to the investigation of the intracellular processes underpinning life, the interaction between cells is also explored. This includes an understanding of multicellular cooperation, the basis of adaptive immunity and the breakdown of these regulated processes in disease (ie. cancer, auto-immunity... etc). It also explores the interaction between cells and the environment and the critical roles of microorganisms in the biosphere. This minor includes extensive practical training in methods for studying cellular processes including cell culture techniques, microbial culture/identification and immunological-based techniques.

    This minor is appropriate for students undertaking major studies in a range of science discipline areas who wish to complement their studies with an understanding of the cellular basis of life and how that knowledge can be utilised in a broad range of settings, including medical, environmental, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.

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