Biology (Education)

Unit set code: EMABIO | Study level: Undergraduate | Unit set type: Major
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The major in biology will introduce you to a wide range of biology topics and allow you to develop a deep understanding of the interrelationships between the various facets of life. The major will be a strong mix of theoretical and practical based studies of how science is discussed, the basic scientific knowledge it contains and the experimental process from where the information has been collected. This will teach you how to analyse both data and the literature and apply critical thinking skills to defend the ideas you have developed. Topics include the investigation the molecules of life, ecology and evolution, how the world works at the cellular level, how the body defends itself from foreign invaders and how biology is used in commercial applications. These studies will allow you to have a basic understanding of the field of biological science, allowing for future work in teaching or the broader field of science.

Unit set structure

For a major study students must complete 96 credit points of study comprising:

  • 24 credit points (2) Curriculum and Pedagogy units
  • 72 credit points (6) Specialist Area units
What is a unit?

A full course is made up of several smaller topics or subjects. These are referred to as 'units'.
Most courses have compulsory 'core' units, as well as optional units.


'Credit points' are the value that each unit contributes towards your course.
Most units at VU are worth 12 credit points. You will need to complete the required course credit points to graduate.

As part of a course

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