How Mariam discovered her dream career

At 17 years old, I would have laughed at the thought – ‘Me, a teacher? I don’t think so'!

Mariam Khattab
Master of Teaching (Secondary)

If you knew what you wanted to do with your life at 17, congratulations, you’re a rare breed! Mariam Khattab studied Youth Work at VU after high school – but practical experience working with young people revealed her true desire to teach.

"In Year 12, I chose the Bachelor of Youth Work at VU as I was always interested in understanding young people from diverse backgrounds and supporting them in all stages of adolescence.

VU also gave me the opportunity to be involved in fieldwork where I could apply the theory to real life practice while I studied.

Among my many practical placements was one with a youth program at Harvester Technical College. This experience was the turning point for me: I decided to be a teacher. I realised that I wanted to not only encourage and support young people, but be in a position where I could ultimately shape their future.

I definitely love to learn by doing, so it made perfect sense to stay at VU and complete my postgraduate teaching studies in a similar learning model.

During my teaching degree I had a great opportunities to begin my professional practice as a teacher. I observed many experienced teachers and built a foundational knowledge of teaching strategies, classroom management and planning lessons.

I found the friendships I made with people from different cultures at VU enriching.

I am now working at an independent Islamic faith-based school, Al Siraat College. Having been educated within an Islamic school I lived through the ‘clash of two worlds’, so it was important for me to use this understanding of what these young people are experiencing so that as a teacher I can be accommodating and supportive.

The beauty of this profession is how you become a role model. I believe this encourages you to continue to develop yourself and be the best version of yourself, which is wonderful!"