Finding joy outside her comfort zone

Melanie Inturissi
It’s incredible to be a part of the magic with children as they freely express themselves. It never ever gets boring – it’s always a new day with new challenges!

Melanie Inturrisi
Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

Melanie Inturrisi became comfortable in her 9-to-5 job and found herself contemplating the truly fulfilling career she'd always dreamed of. Drawn back to study by VU's revolutionary Block Model, Melanie enrolled in a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education. She's now thriving on the challenges of study and the joy of working with children.

“I worked full time for a builder, selling off-the-plan-homes – it became familiar and comfortable, but it wasn't my passion.

I always wanted to work with children but never pursued the pathway because I was busy working full-time!

When I started to research universities, I was interested in the VU Block Model. That's what influenced me the most to choose VU, because I knew it would allow me to work and study in a balanced way. I have continued working thanks to the Block Model making it possible to fit my work around my studies. I really enjoy being able to focus on one unit at a time.

During my placement experiences, both in-person and remotely, it's always incredible to be a part of the magic with children as they freely express themselves during our music and movement sessions. Each child dancing and singing with so much joy really reminds me why I got into this profession.

When we first started placements remotely in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, I wasn't sure how it would work, but in the end it was a huge success. The sessions were one-on-one, conducted via Zoom. Together we did yoga, dancing, arts and crafts, drawing, writing and reading books. I invited my brother, who is a very talented guitarist to play live for my student and she absolutely loved it.

The best part of placement so far has definitely been creating relationships with the children – it's been beautiful. After just a few weeks, the children are my friends!

Early childhood education is so rewarding – I love being able to shape the future and contribute to our young community by teaching them all of the great qualities in life. It also never ever gets boring – it's always a new day with new challenges!”

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Bachelor of Early Childhood Education