If you are not able to find particular items within the VU Library, you can try to obtain these items from other libraries. CAVAL and ArticleReach are available to all students and staff.

The document request service is another way that staff and eligible students can obtain material not available at the VU library.


ArticleReach is a service that enables VU students and staff to locate and access journal articles that are not held in the VU Library collection.

If you search for a journal article in Library search and cannot find a Full Text Online version, follow the link to request the article through ArticleReach.

Requested articles are sent to your email as a PDF document (times will vary depending on the library supplying the item). Alternatively, you may receive an email stating that your request cannot be filled because the item is unavailable, or because you didn't provide enough detail in your request.

CAVAL reciprocal borrowing

CAVAL is a reciprocal borrowing program that allows you to borrow items from other Victorian libraries. See CAVAL service update.

To obtain a CAVAL card, present your current student or staff ID to your nearest campus library Loans Desk.

As a CAVAL borrower it is your responsibility to make yourself familiar with the conditions of loan, rules and regulations at each of the libraries from which you borrow.

TAFE National Reciprocal Borrowing Scheme

The TAFE Libraries National Reciprocal Borrowing Scheme allows students and staff of participating TAFE libraries to register and borrow materials in person from any other participating host TAFE library in any other state. The scheme assists students and staff who may be enrolled with or employed by a TAFE institution in one state but who find it more convenient to access TAFE library services in another state. The reciprocal borrowing arrangements between TAFE libraries within a state are not covered by this scheme.

Information on the scheme and participating TAFE libraries by State is available at the Australian Library and Information Association website.

University Libraries of Australia & New Zealand (ULANZ) borrowing scheme

ULANZ allows current students and staff of Australian and New Zealand universities to borrow in person from any other participating university library.

The scheme is a cooperative arrangement between the Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL) and Council of New Zealand University Librarians (CONZUL).

Registration is done directly at the host institution, who provide you with a borrowing card. You will need to provide photo ID as well as proof of current enrolment/employment from your home university. To borrow you need to present both your home institution ID card and the ULANZ card issued to you by the host institution. If your registration needs to be verified it may take up to two working days to process.

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