Victoria University (VU) Library provides advisory services, study spaces and information resources vital to the learning, teaching and research needs of the students and staff of Victoria University.

A large proportion of the Library's information resources are available in digital form and can be accessed online by all students and staff, regardless of location.

On this page you can download our plan, annual report and client survey.

Our plan, report & survey


The Victoria University Library Plan addresses the key strategic drivers outlined in Victoria University's Strategic Plan 2022-2028: Start well, finish brilliantly.

Annual report

Download the 2022 Library annual report.

Client survey

The 2022 Library performance survey is part of our quality and planning processes.

VU Library services

The University Library provides facilities and services that include:

  • access to extensive and high quality electronic and print information resources to support learning, teaching and research
  • access to additional collections at other Australian universities and Victorian TAFE libraries
  • document request services for staff and higher degree research students
  • open access repository for University research publications and theses
  • management of the University Art Collection
  • high-quality student computing and printing services with internet access and wireless connectivity
  • flexible learning spaces for individual quiet study, group work and social learning.

Help and support available at the Library include:

  • knowledgeable and accurate assistance: in person, via web, live chat, email and phone
  • research skills development and training for independent learning
  • support and training for researchers and research students
  • repository service for research reporting purposes and support for University digital publishing
  • copyright training, guidance and support
  • selected services for members of the general community.

Contact the Library if you have a question or would like to provide feedback.

Collection development

The Collection Development Policy guides and informs Library staff on the development and management of the Library collection, and further informs Victoria University staff and students, and the broader community of the Library resource acquisition aims.

The Victoria University Library is responsible for the provision of convenient access to learning resources such as published, printed materials, electronic publications and other media formats through delivering and maintaining a library collection.

The Policy establishes the principles and guidelines to develop and manage the collection that supports the University’s teaching, learning and research programs, and help provide an exceptional user experience. The Library develops this collection by embracing new and emerging digital trends and technologies and in compliance with TEQSA guidance notes removes barriers of access that might arise for the student.


The principles outlined in section 5 of the Policy include:

  • Any Resources added to the collection will preferably be in an electronic (digital) format, where available, striving for seamless anytime, anywhere access across multiple platforms for blended learning delivery.
  • Foreign language material will be purchased, although the collection is predominately English language.
  • The library will attempt to acquire all the resources listed as required readings for university units. Textbooks are supplied according to a model that balances cost, student numbers and demand for resources.
  • All library resources are reviewed based on usage, cost, relevance and space priorities.
  • Open Access resources and options are included in the collections, and the Library works collaboratively with both academics and students to advocate and advance adoptions of Open Educational Resources (OER) by supporting curation, promotion and publishing assistance.

The Library maintains a set of special collections relevant to the mission, engagement and history of the university and will continue to develop these in the areas of:

  • Australian History, Literature and Art
  • Town Planning and Social Policy
  • Australian Left-Wing Political Groups
  • Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Region
  • Union of Australian Women
  • Multicultural Studies and Immigration Issues
  • Timor-Leste.

Collection strengths, beyond the expected undergraduate requirements, have been and will continue to be developed as long as they are required to support University teaching and research. Currently, collection strengths are in the areas of:

  • law
  • osteopathy
  • human movement
  • exercise science
  • sport.

Download the complete text of the Library's Collection Development Guidelines.

Senior Library managers

Adrian Gallagher
Director, Library Learning Resources, Technology and Infrastructure
+61 3 9919 4503 | [email protected].

Frances O'Neil
Director, Library Education and Research Services
+61 3 9919 4065 | [email protected].

Further details for Library Leadership Team and the College Librarians are available on the VU Staff Intranet (requires VU login when off campus).