Print, copy & scan

Printing, copying and scanning facilities are available at all Victoria University campus libraries. Facilities to bind your reports and assessments are also available at most campuses.

Please be mindful of the environment when printing or copying documents and minimise your use of natural resources where appropriate.

Copyright law may also need to be considered.


Top up your printing account

Top up your account by logging on to the PaperCut website using your username (s1234567) and password. To add credit you can use MasterCard, VISA or VISA debit. Credit can also be added by using the ‘cash kiosks’ located in campus libraries.

If you have any difficulties loading funds onto your student ID card or have any other print-related issues, please email [email protected] .

Printing & copying

To pay for printing and copying at any printer use your student ID card, which is linked to your library print/copy account.

Format Single/double sided Black & white Colour
A4 Single sided $0.10 $0.30
A4 Double sided $0.08 (each side) $0.28 (each side)
A3 Single sided $0.20 $0.60;
A3 Double sided $0.18 (each side) $0.58 (each side)

Print anywhere across campuses

If a printer is busy or you are at a different campus, you can print within:

  • any campus library
  • any accessible university area e.g. labs, corridors, informal learning spaces.

After you have sent the document to print, you need to release your document for printing within 12 hours. Log in with your username (s1234567) at any printer and print your document.

Printing from mobile devices

You can use your mobile device to print a document, but cost deductions are not displayed at the time of printing. To set up your mobile device for printing, follow the instructions for printing from mobile devices. To print, ensure you are connected to the VU Wireless Network with your username ( [email protected] ) and password.

If prompted for a password for the selected printer, log in with your username (s1234567 for students) and password.


You can log in to any multi-functional printer/devices using your username (s1234567 for students) and password to scan to VU email, OneDrive or other email.

Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs) are located across all campus libraries. These devices are capable of printing, photocopying and scanning.


Self bind facilities are available at most campus libraries. Please enquire at the service desk of your campus library.

The pricing for a binding kit is $1.50, which consists of a front plastic clear cover, back hardcover (black only) and spiral.

Wireless printing

Wireless printing is available at all campus libraries.

  1. Connect to the VU Wireless Network with your username ( [email protected] for students) and password
  2. Open your browser and go to the PaperCut website
  3. Log on to PaperCut using your student username ( [email protected] , or s1234567, for students) and password, a summary of your account will appear
  4. Select Web Print on the left hand side then Submit a job
  5. Select a printer from the list (please note: simplex is for single-sided printing, duplex is for double-sided)
  6. Click Print Options and Account Selection
  7. Enter the amount of copies
  8. Click Upload Documents
  9. Click on Upload and Complete
  10. Release print job at printer

The file format can only be what's listed in the table. The file must be saved to your laptop, CD/DVD or USB. Files can't be printed directly from a website or VU Collaborate.

Printing from a website

  1. Copy and paste the information into a Word document and then save it
  2. Select Drag files here or Upload from computer to upload a file
  3. A new window will open - select the file to print
  4. Click Open
  5. Click Upload & Complete.

Your job has now been submitted and is held in a queue. When you are ready to print, go to your nearest printer and release the job by logging into the MFD using your username (s1234567 for students) and password.

Printing & the environment

Victoria University has a longstanding commitment to reducing its environmental footprint. We extend this commitment through:

  • use of recycled paper in all photocopiers and printers
  • ensuring the power saver function is enabled on all photocopiers and printers
  • enabling double-sided prints (at a reduced price) on all photocopiers and printers
  • recycling used material including paper, cardboard and toners through the University recycling program
  • providing paper recycling bins alongside all copiers and printers for member use
  • other sustainable initiatives including retail electronic ordering and scanning services for students.

Copyright warning

A copyright owner is entitled to take legal action against a person who infringes his copyright. Unless otherwise permitted by the Copyright Act 1968, unauthorised copying of a work in which copyright subsists may infringe the copyright in that work.

Where making a copy of a work is fair dealing under section 40 of the Copyright Act 1968, making that copy is not an infringement of the copyright in the work.

It is a fair dealing to make a copy, for the purposes of research or study, of one or more articles on the same subject matter in a periodical publication or, in the case of any other work, of a reasonable portion of a work. In the case of a published work that is not less than 10 pages and is not an artistic work, 10% of the total number of pages, or one chapter, is a reasonable portion.

More extensive copying may constitute fair dealing for the purpose of research or study. To determine whether it does, it is necessary to have regard to the criteria set out in sub-section 40 (2) of the Copyright Act 1968.