Library online training

The Victoria University (VU) Library provides online learning opportunities for students and staff.

You can work through these modules at your own pace to develop your skills for study at VU and beyond.

To access the interactive student modules on this page you must be enrolled as a VU student. You may also choose to record your progress and completion of the various modules through the VU App. Staff are able to access staff modules through the provided links.


Introducing research skills

These online modules are suitable for VU undergraduate students who are ready to move beyond the basic skills and want to understand more about resources in their disciplines.

Learn how to find resources for your studies, such as journal articles and books, and discover relevant library databases. You will be guided on how to evaluate web resources and refine your referencing knowledge. As you learn these research skills, complete the embedded activities to assess your learning.

To access these interactive modules you must be enrolled as a VU student.

Academic integrity

Understand why academic integrity is important for study and future professional practice as you complete the reflective activities for each module.

To access these interactive modules, navigate to Academic Integrity HQ in VU Collaborate which is only available to VU students.


Referencing styles at VU

Gain knowledge and understanding of particular referencing styles relevant to your discipline of study. Take an in-depth view of referencing material, and assess your learning through embedded activities.

To access these interactive modules you must be enrolled as a VU student.

Further skills for future work or study

These library online modules are designed to prepare final year students for moving into the workplace or for continuing formal study.

Digital citizenship

The module Digital Citizenship will help you:

  • build digital literacy skills
  • ensure digital safety
  • create online content
  • maintain digital health and wellness.

The Inquiry: researching your career

The module The Inquiry: Researching your Career introduces you to some useful resources to help you research your future career and also continue professional learning once you graduate from university.

The researcher skills & attributes: pursuing a research career

The module The Researcher skills and attributes: Pursuing a research career provides an introduction into the suite of skills and attributes that will place you in good stead for becoming a successful researcher. The module covers:

  • creativity and originality
  • cognitive abilities
  • self-management
  • personal qualities.

Staff training

These modules are designed for Learning & Teaching (L&T) staff but all staff are invited to complete them.

For those staff who use the VU Develop framework, you can add these modules to your professional development plan through the links provided.

E-books: The Fine Print (L&T library essential)

E-books: The Fine Print provides information about the ‘fine print’ of VU’s e-books. This includes the various access models and licencing, and how digital rights management affects access to e-books.

Add 'E-books' to your VU Develop plan.

OERs for Teaching (L&T library essential)

OERs for Teaching provides definition and information regarding Open Educational Resources (OERs) and the 5 Rs of open. The module gives tips on finding OER textbooks and other resources, and showcases examples of OER resources being used in teaching at Victoria University.

Add 'OERs for teaching' to your VU Develop plan.

Images for Teaching (L&T library practical)

Images for Teaching will teach you how Creative Commons licencing makes it easy to find and use images for teaching. Learn how to find Creative Commons images using Google Images, Flickr and a variety of dedicated websites.

Add 'Images for Teaching' to your VU Develop plan.

Evaluating OERs for Purpose (L&T Library Practical)

Evaluating OERs for Purpose will build your knowledge of Open Educational Resources (OERs). Revisit the fundamentals of the evaluation criteria of authority, accuracy, currency, alignment to teaching and suitability of resources.

Add ‘Evaluating OERs for Purpose’ to your VU Develop plan.

Copyright for teaching

The online module Copyright for teaching is for teaching staff and learning designers, and focuses on copyright compliance as per VU’s Copyright Policy and Procedure. The module covers: copyright law; resources that can be used without permission and where further advice or permissions are required; how to use resources such as e-journal articles, e-books, video clips, films, YouTube and music.

Log in to VU Develop to complete Copyright for Teaching which can be added to your VU Develop Plan.