Student Consultative Committee

Expressions of interest

Interested in joining the Student Consultative Committee?

Victoria University is committed to creating a space where students and staff work together on teaching, learning, curriculum, administration and governance. 

Formally known as Students As Partners, the Student Consultative Committee is a collaborative space for students to work on tangible outcomes with staff to create positive outcomes at Victoria University. 

Throughout the year, we hold network meetings, roundtable discussions and working groups to engage students and stakeholders from across the University community. These events allow the aims and outcomes of the Student Consultative Committee to develop in line with expectations and needs from the community

Our Student Consultative Committee

The Student Consultative Committee consists of current student members from across the VU community who have shown leadership through volunteering, academics, and Students as Staff roles at VU.

  • Amanda Cole
  • C Freeland
  • Chandra Altoff
  • Claudia Mytnik-Bonida
  • Julia Christofides
  • Kate Rebecca Curlett Benesovsky
  • Karlee McCulloch
  • Michael Deppeler
  • Shayla Nguyen
  • Tanveer Singh


The Student Consultative Committee at VU is characterised by these principles, developed by students and staff and captured by the following statements.

1. Embedded practice in & out of the academic classroom

Authentic partnering with our students is not isolated to select projects or consultations. It is a way of engaging throughout the whole institution; the practice is embedded in all aspects of University business.

2. Recognition/remuneration

Student contributions are acknowledged, named, and where possible and applicable, remunerated.

3. Community practice

Activities and actions are done in a community approach, silos are discouraged and multiple perspectives and diversity highly valued.

4. Co-creation

The most valuable outcomes are derived from working together to create the future.

5. Accessible to VU population

Openness and transparency are the standards for engagement and partnership. Accessing the Student Consultative Committee is clear and unambigous.

6. Empowering agency & successful outcomes for students

This is the soul and spirit of ‘The VU Way’ and the foundation for the creation of the committee.