Psychology (Fieldwork)

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Psychological Studies undertake one unit of fieldwork, with a placement totalling 60 hours.

About the placement

The undergraduate unit for Bachelor students involves undertaking voluntary work or paid employment in a work setting which requires them to use interpersonal or organisational skills. As a result, students undertake their placement in a wide range of business and community settings.

In the past, students have completed their fieldwork with non-government organisations, advocacy and policy organisations, primary and secondary schools, local councils and government departments.

On successful completion of this unit, students are expected to be able to:

  • engage in applied, experiential learning and work experience guided by adult learning principles
  • utilise a cycle of practice-reflection-practice to guide their learning, and to link academic with applied experiences
  • develop and work towards self-directed, and self-reflected professional development goals
  • reflect upon personal experiences in the workplace and consider personal development changes
  • demonstrate a deeper understanding of the way the theory and skills they have acquired in their degree relate to real-life work issues, roles and settings (e.g. how to conceptualise and process professional experiences)
  • practise applying theory and skills they have acquired to/within their real-life work issues, roles and settings.

Contact us

Dr Sally-Ann Free
Fieldwork Coordinator, Undergraduate Psychology
Phone: +61 3 9919 4096