Rental advice & support

It's important that you understand your rights and responsibilities before you rent a house or apartment, or board in a rooming house or shared accommodation.

This also includes Melbourne's cost of living and your personal budget.

To find stable accommodation during your studies, and protect your rights as a tenant, you need to understand Victoria's regulations on:

  • lease agreements
  • rental bonds
  • property inspections
  • obligations regarding repairs and maintenance.

If you need advice about renting or are having difficulties paying your rent, utility or other expenses, contact us so we can help.

Rental costs

It is important to consider the combined cost of rent, living expenses and transport when choosing rental accommodation in Melbourne.

Rental accommodation generally becomes more expensive the closer it is located to the Melbourne CBD.

If you need extra support or information, book an appointment to see a Student Adviser.

Financial assistance & tenancy guidance

Students may be eligible for rent assistance, relief schemes, bond loans and other financial help from government and the University.

For rental advice, contact one of these agencies according to your needs:

  • Consumer Affairs Victoria, the governing body responsible for the Residential Tenancies Act.
  • Tenants Victoria, which provides information about your rights as a tenant, and how to improve your conditions.

Contact the Tenants Victoria and Consumer Affairs Victoria for information and assistance before you sign a lease or if things go wrong during the lease.

Make an appointment with a Senior Adviser

The Senior Adviser can provide you with:

  • free information when looking for housing options
  • access to the student housing database
  • advice on tenancy issues
  • tips and information to improve your success in applying for housing
  • information about moving in
  • staying and moving out of your rental property.

Come and talk to us about finances, housing, welfare, Centrelink and other issues.

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