Choosing the right type of housing can be challenging. Each option is worth investigating before signing a lease agreement or paying any money.

Victoria University offers student housing close to campus and designed for student life. If you'd prefer to rent privately, we outline your options here.


Studio apartment at UniLodge, our student accommodation across the road from our Footscray Park Campus.

Student accommodation at UniLodge Victoria University

Our university student accommodation is in convenient and friendly apartments, best suited to single students.

If you choose to stay in our student housing, you'll have a furnished room, use of facilities, pastoral care and academic support.

The apartments at UniLodge are fully furnished single or shared, and designed for student living.

Just across from our Footscray Park Campus, and a 15-minute walk to Footscray Nicholson, the apartments are within easy reach of other campuses and the city by bus or train.

Read about our accommodation guarantee offer.

Student housing database

The VU student housing database provides a list of shared housing and rental property vacancies for VU students.

Enrolled students

  1. Go to the student housing database.
  2. Register using your VU email.
  3. You will receive an email to verify your registration.
  4. Log in to the database and search the listings.

New students

If you haven't enrolled with us yet, you can register using your private email address.

  1. Go to the student housing database.
  2. Register using your personal email.
  3. Upload your letter of offer (electronic confirmation of enrolment) through AskVU.
  4. We will email you back details on how to login.
  5. Log in to the database and search the listings.

The student housing guide provides practical housing information and checklists.

Accommodation options

Here we outline the accommodation options, and support services for finding a home.

  • Homestays – placement with a local hosts, in private homes.
  • Private rentals (vacant properties) – houses, flats, units, self-contained bungalows and apartments, usually unfurnished.
  • Student apartments – furnished apartment or studio apartment, often with common facilities and recreation services. UniLodge Victoria University is our modern fully-furnished student accommodation across the road from Footscray Park Campus.
  • Share house – Room in a house with shared use of household facilities.
  • Subsidised housing – a share house option in which you assist the family or other tenant in exchange for a discounted rent.
  • Short-stay accommodation – Hotels, hostels and private rooms give you somewhere to stay while you look for longer-term options.
  • Emergency and crisis housing – Should you find yourself at risk of homelessness, emergency support is available.

Rooming houses and serviced hostels are also available for singles or couples. In these, you have your own room and share the house common facilities with four or more other individuals paying separate rent. Contact us if you'd like to know more about this option.

Homestay provides a cultural exchange between you and a local family or individual (called a host). You live as a guest in the host's home. Unlike many other accommodation options you do not need to pay a bond, find furniture, sign a lease or search for a property.

Living in a supportive family environment, you are provided with a clean furnished room which includes items like a bed, desk, wardrobe, chair and a study lamp. You'll have access to bathroom and laundry facilities and meal services. Utilities (electricity, gas and water bills) are also included.

Hosts offer ongoing support and can show you around the local area including nearby facilities such as banks, post office, shops and public transport.

Victoria University's preferred homestay provider is Australian Homestay Network (AHN).

Find out more:

AHN students are covered by insurances and have a 24/7 emergency phone help. The minimum stay is four weeks.

Houses, flats, units or apartments to rent are usually unfurnished. Lease contracts of 6 or 12 months are preferred by landlords but this may be negotiated. Cost of gas, electricity and water is not included in rent.

You'll need to budget for:

  • buying furniture and equipment
  • rent paid in advance
  • bond (equal to one month's rent)
  • connection of gas, electricity, telephone or internet.

Always inspect the property before signing any lease or making any payments. For a property checklist and more, dowload the Student Housing Guide.

Find a property in a suburb of your choice:

Purpose-built student accommodation is often located close to educational institutions or the central business district (CBD). Student apartments offer furnished properties to rent – the cost of gas, electricity and water may or may not be additional costs.

At VU, students love our modern, fully furnished student apartments in UniLodge, right across the road from our Footscray Park Campus, and only two train stops from the City. Cost of utilities is included.

Our 'best practice' tagging system  in the Housing Database helps you navigate available accommodation in our commercial student apartments list.

With a shared house, you have your own room with shared use of household facilities.

The room may be furnished or unfurnished and cost of gas, electricity and water may or may not be included in the rent.

You can use the VU Student Housing Database to search for shared properties to rent.

Or search these websites to find shared rental accommodation:

In a subsidised housing situation, you usually share a house with others and you have your own room with shared use of household facilities.

The room may be furnished or unfurnished and cost of gas, electricity and water may or may not be included in the rent.

In this type of accommodation you offer assistance in exchange for a discounted rent.

While you are looking for a long-term rental, use Melbourne's hotels, hostels or rented homes as a base:

Women's Property Initiatives has put together a list of housing providers/short term accommodation options

If you are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless, you can access the following resources:

  • call the Victorian Statewide Homelessness Line for assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - freecall 1800 825 955
  • Ask Izzy is an excellent resource for students seeking assistance on a wide range of issues
  • Frontyard is an integrated service model that addresses the physical, emotional and social needs of people aged 12 to 24, located at 19 King Street in the Melbourne CBD.

All rental properties are subject to the Residential Tenancy laws – fact sheets, information booklets and advice are available from:

Best times to search for housing

After you have accepted your place in your course, you should begin by preparing a budget and choosing accommodation that will best suit your needs.

  • VU residence (UniLodge Victoria University) applications are made and paid online – applications for guaranteed accommodation places are taken in the month leading up to each semester.
  • Country-Victoria and interstate students looking for private housing are advised to come to Melbourne a month before their course starts to inspect offers from the student housing database or apply for rental properties. Start looking at housing online a few months before you arrive so that you can learn about the rental market in Melbourne.
  • International students looking for private accommodation should take short-term accommodation in Melbourne for at least four weeks to inspect offers from the student housing database, or apply for rental properties.

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The commercial accommodation referred to on this site are not owned or operated by VU, and VU does not endorse any of these providers. The contact details are provided for students' convenience only. Any arrangements, financial or otherwise, are strictly between the student and the provider.