Goal 14: Life below water

Environmental research related to water systems at VU has a practical focus, resulting in quantitative information provided to state, federal and international environmental agencies. It is used to positively influence the protection, rehabilitation and resilience of threatened species, ecosystems and human communities.

In addition to this collaborative and impactful contribution to environmental protection, we conduct our own University business in a responsible way, creating positive ecological effects through practical intiatives.

Saving our ocean must remain a priority. Marine biodiversity is critical to the health of people and our planet.
– United Nations

Research, engagement & education 2020-21

Our water researchers work with government agencies to decontaminate water supplies.

We collaborate with Environmental Group Limited’s EGL Water to test new technology.

And we offer courses and host student groups that aim to conserve and rehabilitate the environment.

Sustainability on campus

VU has a backwash water treatment plant with all mains water connections to closed-loop mechanical systems and laboratories/potential contamination areas protected with backflow devices. Backflow devices are tested annually.