The future in his hands

VU midwifery graduate Andy Ackerly is passionate about delivering the next generation with the highest level of care.

He shares his incredible journey to discovering a career – and a gift – for supporting women and their most precious new possessions.

On finding his calling

Choosing the perfect career path

“As a 15-year-old, I had the privilege of being in the birth suite with my older sister. I didn’t know it at the time, but that was the impetus for me becoming a midwife.

"VU is a diverse university. They offer places to people from all different backgrounds, particularly first-generation higher education seekers.”

What is it about VU’s practical approach that gets results?

“All of the theoretical learning at VU is followed by clinical placements to expose students to potential future workplaces. So I could consolidate my learning and develop the necessary practical skills – a very important step in the process.

"During placement, the employers get to know you and watch your development. You are already a familiar face to them by the time you are applying for positions.

"Balancing work and study has its challenges, and I was fortunate to have the support of VU and my family network.”

Delivering the best of care

“I am currently employed as a midwife with Western Health. Some women are surprised to see me, but I help them to relax quickly and they are happy in my care. Now I am working as a case load midwife, with a focus on continuity of care.

"I have joined a midwifery club sponsored by the ACM (Australian College of Midwives) and recently presented at an industry conference.

"I love working in an environment mostly dominated by the opposite gender. Women have so much strength and bravery, it is a privilege to work alongside that.”

Andy Ackerly

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