Introducing VU's state-of-the-art simulation labs

0.17- 0.30

Karen Livesay – Director of Health Simulation:

Simulation is fabulous because it’s a space where students can test out their knowledge, they can make mistakes, they can review what they do and don’t know, and they do all that before they go out and work with the general public.

0:51- 1.28

Karen Livesay – Director of Health Simulation:

High-fidelity mannequins provide the most realism, so they emulate a whole lot of body functions in a way that’s useful for the students to make decisions.

1.05 – 1.16

Shereden Hesketh – Bachelor of Midwifery student:

As a midwifery student having these simulation labs means that we can practise our births on the mannequins as well as any obstetric emergencies that we wouldn’t normally be able to practise out on placements. So it’s a good safe environment for us to practise in.