VU welcomes first-round offer students for 2023

Victoria University (VU) is thrilled to welcome thousands of Year 12 graduates who received VU offers in today’s Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) December first-round offers.
Wednesday 21 December 2022

Victoria University (VU) is thrilled to welcome thousands of Year 12 graduates who received VU offers in today’s Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) December first-round offers.

VU congratulates these new students on their outstanding achievements, given the challenges of home-schooling and remote learning they faced during their Year 10 and 11 studies.

VU also acknowledges the support of all the teachers, parents, friends and carers who helped in their success.

VU Vice-Chancellor Professor Adam Shoemaker said today was a momentous day for both these new students, and for VU and VU Polytechnic (VUP), VU’s TAFE division.

He encouraged all students who received a VU offer to accept their offer from VTAC so they can take up their place in the VU family.

“You’ve had some turbulent years at secondary school, but two things are certain: you will begin a crucial higher education and career journey in 2023, and we will be with you each and every step of the way.”

This year, 12% more students chose VU as their first preference, as word spreads about the proven value of VU’s award-winning Block Model of teaching one subject at a time in smaller classes, and about its innovative support for first-year students.  

Offers made in higher education & vocational training

As a proud dual-sector university VU can offer both Higher Education degrees and TAFE vocational diplomas and certificates to school leavers.

Health science is the most popular degree in the first-round offers for 2023, followed by business, criminology and psychological studies.

Popular vocational training courses delivered through VUP are diplomas for nursing, teacher education preparation, beauty therapy and legal practice.

This year, VU introduced two scholarship programs to support its new first-year students: the First-Year Booster scholarship and the Propel Your Pathways scholarship which awards $5000 to 25 deserving VU students,  and to 25 VUP students respectively to recognise their community service, passion for their chosen profession, or motivation for further study.

Among these offers are more than 1000 VU Guaranteed (VUG) students as part of VU's early offer program. This program offers $2000 Ignite scholarships to students from its 132 VUG partner schools.

This is the second time since 2019 that Victorian students have received a December offer through VTAC so they can start planning for their transition to further study before the new year. 

New City Tower Campus 

Some students joining VU in 2023 will benefit from an exciting opportunity to study at VU’s new 32-storey City Tower Campus located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, which opened last year.

City Tower Campus hosts students pursuing degrees in business, osteopathy and dermal therapy, as well as VUP students training in hairdressing, make-up and remedial massage. It also includes all their practice clinics, which are open to the public.

Find out how to accept your VU offer from VTAC.

VU will make further offers through VTAC in January and February 2023.

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