VU EasyRef is an easy-to-use interactive referencing tool accessible on mobile for referencing support when you need it. 

Whenever you are confused about referencing for your assessment, access VU EasyRef on your smartphone.

VU EasyRef contains examples on how to reference for these referencing styles:

  • IEEE (Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers referencing style)
  • VU Harvard (Harvard or author - date style)
  • APA (American Psychological Association referencing system).

Before you use a referencing style for your assessment, refer to the instructions included with your assessment, or ask your lecturer/tutor which style they prefer you to use.

If you are using a referencing style not currently listed on VU EasyRef, please refer to our online referencing guides. Detailed guides are available for the referencing styles used at VU, including the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC) and Oxford. Examples for these referencing styles will be added to VU EasyRef at a later stage.

VU EasyRef: VU referencing goes mobile

This short video shows how to access and use VU EasyRef via the Victoria University App on your mobile.

Accessing and using VU EasyRef 

Access VU EasyRef via the Victoria University App downloaded on your smartphone. 

  • Within the homepage of the 'VU' section of the app, scroll down to LIBRARY.
  • Click on VU EasyRef.
  • Choose the referencing style required for your assessment.
  • Select the type of item (book, journal article, web material, etc.).
  • Select the sub-type i.e. the specific item that you are referencing.
  • See referencing examples and advice.