The City of Brimbank is home to two of Victoria University’s campuses – Sunshine Campus and St Albans Campus. It's an area that is undergoing rapid and significant change, accelerated by an investment influx, growing health and justice industries, and rail and road developments.

We are working with Brimbank Council to:

  • increase access to skills, knowledge and jobs in the Sunshine Priority Precinct
  • undertake major research to improve disadvantage for young people
  • strengthen VU’s campuses as key anchors for learning, skills and engagement at Sunshine and St Albans.

Brimbank has many green spaces to enjoy. Image courtesy of the City of Brimbank.

What we're doing in Brimbank

Building on the learnings of the Footscray University Town and Growing Brimbank initiatives, we aim to deepen VU’s engagement with the local communities – adding value to VU’s presence, offer and investment in the City of Brimbank.

Existing partnerships include:

VU seeks to improve outcomes for employment, education, community health and wellbeing in the communities surrounding our campuses.

In Brimbank, this will involve:

  • engaging with the local communities to make our teaching and training responsive to local needs
  • research initiatives for community impact and benefit
  • learning, skills and economic development programs.