The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Unit set code: AMITEM | Study level: Undergraduate | Unit set type: Breadth Minor
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The nature of work is changing. The rapid pace in which technology is developing is causing widespread disruption, both in organisational cultures and working practices. And with new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine-learning, robotics, nanotechnology, 3-D printing, and genetics and biotechnology coming up, this disruption is only getting started.

Success in this new world is increasingly dependent on personal initiative; a self-starting, future-oriented and persistent proactive mindset. Such a mindset combined with effective teamwork in a multidisciplinary context has been the driver of entrepreneurial success for decades. More and more employers are starting to demand these skills from their employees as well.

This unit set equips students with the skills and competencies to future-proof yourself, creating experiences that allow for a strong start to and succeeding in your chosen profession (be that as an employee or self-employed). Students work collaboratively on employing an evidence-based approach to identifying problems and implementing solutions, equipping themselves with the skills and knowledge to lead in the future of work.

The first unit explores how to come up with ideas and how to critically assess the potential of the idea. During this unit we introduce a number of key processes and concepts like where to start when exploring ideas, how to run user interviews and pretotyping. The second unit introduces the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and allows students to experiment with the evidence-based, iterative approach of User Validation. The third unit focuses on how to effectively communicate the findings of the first two units in a compelling story to gather critical support. Finally, the last unit introduces students to growth strategies and how these strategies drive execution.

The unit set culminates in a pitch-style event where the students pitch their project in a live setting to an audience of stakeholders, integrating the knowledge, skills and understandings they have developed.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset unit set aims to provide career defining experiences. The minor is demanding and is a great fit for students who want to be part of something exciting and new while creating their own success.

Unit set structure

For a minor study, students must complete forty-eight (48) credit points of study, comprising of:

  • Four (4) Specialist Area units.
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