Students will design and experiment with several growth strategies to prepare for a pitch-style event in an authentic 'live' context. At the pitch-style event students have to explain clearly and coherently the rationale and results of their growth experiments to convince a panel of judges; they will have to argue the future potential of what they have been working on. Students will have to plan and organise self and others to identify, anticipate and solve problems ranging from simple to important, complex and unpredictable. 

Students develop capacities required to contribute to a more equitable and sustainable world, these include curiosity, courage and resilience.  They will gain insight into the challenges involved in initiating and developing an idea, convincing other people of future potential of their developed idea and in the process develop much sought-after entrepreneurial skills including personal initiative, teamwork and effective communication.

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AEN3001 - Storytelling for Impact

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Critically review research relating to growth drivers;  
  2. Integrate theoretical, practical and contextual knowledge to devise and coordinate three growth experiments relevant to the project;  
  3. Collaborate with peers across established disciplines to draft and refine a pitch providing a clear overview of the problem, solution and achievements to date;  
  4. Advocate for further support of the project as a project initiator and leader;  
  5. Negotiate outcomes in a multidisciplinary context at a pitch-style event by assuming leadership role;  
  6. Exhibit ability to effectively and critically communicate complex ideas in oral, written, and visual forms to a range of audiences.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Other Collaboratively initiate growth experiments and present the rationale behind these growth experiments. (750 word equiv) 20%
Essay Explore and critically reflect on the process and how skills and knowledge acquired can be applied in a multitude of settings. (1250 word equiv) 40%
Presentation Pitch-style presentation. (1500 word equiv) 40%

Required reading

Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth
Mares, J. & Weinberg, G. (2014)
New York: Portfolio/Penguin

Patel, S. & Taylor, B. (2015) The Definitive Guide to Growth Hacking. Retrieved from Quicksprout:

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