Risk Management

    Unit set code: BMARMG | Study level: Undergraduate | Unit set type: Major
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    Bachelor of Accounting, majoring in Risk Management offers you gain analytical and technological skills to identify risk factors, manage risk and investments and minimise losses.

    Through your studies, you will develop highly sought-after skills in:

    • risk management using derivatives
    • financial data analytics and modelling
    • investment management
    • personal financial planning

    These skills will enable you to join the risk management team of a private or public sector organisation.

    On the completion of your degree, you will be able to:

    • evaluate the risks faced by businesses
    • predict future business outcomes
    • prepare insightful financial plans for individuals and organisations
    • use leading industry software to solve complex financial issues
    • achieve competitive advantages for your organisation through ethical and environmentally friendly solutions.

    As part of your learning, you will meet with industry experts and gain insights into contemporary industry practices.

    You will graduate with contemporary knowledge of financial technology, understanding how to apply these skills in the content of risk management.

    Unit set structure

    For a major study students must complete 96 credit points consisting of:

    • 96 credit points Major Studies
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