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Israeli tourist turned VU student

Having visited Australia as a tourist several years ago, Effi Avitsur always knew she wanted to return to the Land Down Under – as a student.

"I decided to come to Australia to study because I had visited before and really loved the country," Effi says.

"There are a lot of opportunities in Australia that you don’t get in other parts of the world," she says.

An engineering graduate of Israel, Effi is now studying English for Academic Purposes at VU English, Victoria University’s (VU) English language centre, with the aim to transfer to VU’s Master of Business Analytics upon completion of her English studies.

"I really like the masters program that VU offers, so that’s why I chose VU.

"My engineering degree specialised in the IT sector and in my old job I was a data analyst.

"The main reason I want to study business analytics is to increase my knowledge and skills in the area, as it has a lot of connections with engineering.

"When I finish my masters I’d like to stay in Australia for a few years, get a job in the industry and see what my options are."

Effi says she is "really enjoying" her time at VU so far.

"I love getting to know people from different countries and the teachers here are very professional.

"The thing I like most about VU is that it’s very central; it’s close to public transport and you can walk anywhere in the city from VU’s City Flinders Campus."

Her advice to fellow international students is to embrace the experience and find a healthy balance between work, life and study.

"International students should enjoy their time here, do as many things as they can and explore as many parts of the country as they can."

Courses studied

English for Academic Purposes

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