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Infrastructure engineer Paul McCosh came to VU as a mature-age student to graduate with first class honours and find the career of his dreams.

"As a mature-age student it was hard to gain entry into engineering degrees but Victoria University gave me the opportunity via their alternative entry program.

The engineering program was extremely well structured. We often worked on highly practical projects that had relevance to the challenges that engineers face today. The staff were also very supportive and passionate about their topics. A highlight was the opportunity to study abroad at the University of Ottawa in Canada. This was a challenging yet amazing experience.

I ended up completing my degree with first class honours and gained entry into the Telstra Graduate Program. I was lucky to be placed on a $1.1 billion project, transforming the Department of Defence’s network to harness the strength of Telstra’s secure network. I have since secured a position with Telstra as a virtualisation and infrastructure engineer.

Quite simply, I wouldn’t be where I am today without my degree from Victoria University. The opportunities I received during my studies – from great staff and practical studies relating to the workforce, to overseas study opportunities and career management resources – I believe I wouldn’t have found elsewhere."

Course studied

Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) (Honours)

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Paul McCosh