Engineering, IT & science work placements

Our courses are designed to ensure you graduate industry-ready with an understanding of economic environmental and social issues. To help you graduate industry-ready, all students take part in work experience and complete industry projects.

Finding work placements

Find opportunities for vacation work on VU CareerHub, a free online employment service.

VU students and recent graduates can search for:

  • all types of local, national and international degree-related employment opportunities
  • upcoming career and employment events/workshops
  • career resources and planning.

You can also register with Engineers Australia as a student or graduate member to gain access to EA Connect where you'll be able to find more work placement opportunities in the Engineering industry.

Engineering industrial experience

Students enrolled in a Bachelor of Engineering course are required to undertake compulsory practical experience during the course to qualify for graduation.

This practical experience provides students with exposure to and appreciation of professional practice outside of the educational setting. Upon completion of the work experience, students are required to submit a Certificate for Industrial Experience and a reflection report.

Students are advised to view the following documents for further information on the practical requirements:


All students undertaking work experience are covered by the University's insurance. To request a current statement of insurance cover by the University, email

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For any further questions relating to the practical work experience, please email

Information technology (IT) industry experience & projects

Students enrolled in a Bachelor of IT course are required to complete compulsory final-year industry projects during the course to qualify for graduation.

The year-long industry projects enable students to:

  • apply skills and knowledge from earlier units in the course
  • gain valuable hands-on professional experience and skills alongside IT professionals
  • gain exposure to real-world business problems that require IT solutions
  • learn IT project management skills, such as liaising with clients, working in a team;
  • get insight into an IT career and contemporary workplace environment
  • improve communication and interpersonal skills
  • enhance employability.

Practical experience lead to dream job at Google

"In the final year of my VU degree in computer science (Information Technology), I was project lead for our industry project. We were tasked with designing and implementing a solution for a client – a restaurant reservation system.

It exposed me to a real business request, project managing within deadlines and understanding what it takes to design, implement and launch a solution."

- VU graduate, Christine Soriano, has now landed her dream job at Google.


All students undertaking industry projects are covered by the University’s insurance. To request a current statement of insurance cover by the University, email the ICT Industry Projects Coordinator -

Information & communications technology (ICT) industry placements/scholarships

ICT skills university scholarships are available to pay students to do their placement during semester breaks to help students develop employability skills. They are sponsored by the Victorian Government when funding is available. Students submit a written application and then complete an interview with an industry partner. 

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For any further questions relating to IT industry projects, please email the ICT Industry Projects Coordinator -

Science projects & placements

Biotechnology, ecology and environmental management projects

Biotechnology, ecology and environmental management projects generally consist of lab or field-based experiments carried out over the period of one or two semesters in third year. These hands-on research projects familiarise students with the tools and procedures associated with sound scientific method and build skills essential to becoming a successful scientist.

Some current biotechnology projects include:

  • The effect of a traditional medicine, Ferula asafoetida, on inhibiting colon cancer cell growth.
  • Intraspecies polymorphism analysis of cytochrome C oxidase subunit I in Nototodarus gouldi using the FINS technique
  • Genetic analysis of grevillea glabella ‘lara form'

Some current ecology and environmental management projects include:

  • Distribution and abundance of butterflies in themeda grassland
  • Skeletochronology of striped legless lizards – aging an endangered lizard
  • Viability and germination of the endangered plant senecio macrocarpa
  • Using ants as bio-indicators of ecosystem health
  • Genetics of a new species of cymbidium in Sikkim and Burma.

Chemistry projects & placements

Chemistry projects generally involve an industry placement with a range of VU's research partners. Practical placements with industry partners allows our students to gain ‘hands-on’ experience in real life projects and to develop the relevant and critical skills needed to carry out up-to-date, best practice methodologies. Industry placement allows our students to develop valuable skills and exposes them to key career opportunities.