From EAL to nursing: how Morteza found his path

Morteza Malekshahi
All the teachers and staff were really, really supportive. They really understand our conditions and situations. They are very knowledgeable.

Morteza Malekshahi
22492VIC Certificate IV in EAL (Further Study) (now 22646VIC Certificate IV in EAL (Further Study)), Diploma of Nursing, Bachelor of Nursing

Becoming a nurse was Morteza Malekshahi’s goal, but upon coming to Australia, his first move was an English as an Additional Language (EAL) course – with help from the Western Melbourne English Program (WMEP). Victoria University’s (VU) pathways led Morteza from English to two nursing courses, and he’s now working as an anaesthetics and recovery nurse at Ramsay Health.

“When I arrived in Australia, I knew I needed to study first English, then whatever I wanted. So I enrolled in VU Polytechnic.

“I studied EAL [English as an Additional Language] first, and then did a Diploma of Nursing, and then a Bachelor of Nursing all together in VU Polytechnic.”

Teachers who guide you onto the right path

“One of my teachers, who was really, really supportive for me, said because I want to go on to nursing, it's best to study the Further Study course, because it becomes a pathway from EAL.

“So I studied the course for six months. And then after six months, I went into the Diploma of Nursing, and then Bachelor of Nursing.

“I was going to school five days a week, it was a bit hard for me with my little one. But the good thing? All the teachers and staff were really, really supportive. They really understand our conditions and situations.   

“They are very knowledgeable and they show you where you where you can go – the pathways – the best way they can show you.”

Flexible learning that suits everyone

“e-Learning was really good because for me with English as a second language I could still learn most terminology, and the medical terms – even the anatomy and physiology.

“The homework was really designed for someone who comes from a background of another language and moved to English language. It was a brilliant program for me – it was really helpful.”

Helped along on his journey to nursing

“During my EAL, the other teachers knew that I wanted to go on to nursing – so during this course they introduced me to some other teachers from the nursing course.

“I had lots of conversation with them about what I should do after finishing the course: How can I get placements? Which hospital is better?

“At the moment, I'm a registered nurse. So I'm working in one of the largest private health care providers in the world, Ramsay Health Care.

"I’m working in Mitcham Private Hospital which is a very good feeling.”

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