Building better business managers

Etevise Moananu
The course delivered different aspects of real life work experience.

Etevise Moananu (Samoa)
Master of Business Administration (Professional)

From interning in China to volunteering in the local community, Etevise Moananu has led a full and fun life in her two years at Victoria University (VU) in Melbourne.

The international student came to VU in 2018 to study the Master of Business Administration (Professional) after receiving an Australia Awards scholarship from the Commonwealth Government.

A former employee of the Ministry of Finance in Samoa, Etevise says the MBA has enabled her to gain foreign insights into business operations, management and leadership in Australia and beyond.

The course delivered different aspects of real-life work experience. We got to meet and interact with real managers, they came and talked to us about the qualities of good business managers.

During her MBA, Etevise undertook a five-week internship with ShineWing accounting and consulting firm in China, which was part funded by Study Melbourne and the Victorian Government.

“I was part of the auditing team that worked with a mining company in China. I got to do a lot of research about the tax system and report on tax issues relating to the mining company.”

As well as volunteering on campus and in the community through the University’s volunteering program, VU Vollies, Etevise is now taking part in the VU Career Mentoring Program in preparation for the return to her home country. The program matches imminent graduates with a VU alumnus to assist in the transition from university to work.

“So far, I’ve had two meetings with my mentor. They’ve been helping me with my resume, career planning and interview tips, as well as giving me personal motivation and encouragement.

“It’s very good to have access to this kind of professional platform so we can talk, share our experiences and learn from our mentors.”