Vollies is our volunteering program for activities on campus and in the local community.

Join our Vollies program to:

  • make new friends
  • develop both personally and professionally
  • broaden your network
  • learn new skills
  • have a positive impact on VU and the broader community.


Vollies help our Student Life team deliver amazing uni events throughout the year, including O-Fest (orientation), Multicultural Fest, and Clubs Fest.

They assist in a range of activities, including:

  • welcoming new students
  • promoting university activities
  • event delivery, support and assistance
  • attending and participating in leadership workshops and councils
  • various external opportunities in the community.

O-Fest, or orientation is one of the biggest events Vollies help out with throughout the academic year. You could be asked to:

  • lead campus tours
  • assist with serving lunches
  • oversee the safe use of entertainment and rides
  • coordinate icebreaker activities
  • answer any general enquiries
  • make sure our new students feel welcome and enjoy orientation.


There are so many wonderful reasons why you should be a Vollie. You can:

  • connect with students from different campuses and backgrounds
  • make new friends and networks
  • develop personally and professionally
  • gain skills to increase future job prospects
  • gain volunteer hours towards your LEAD Program
  • access volunteering opportunities in the broader community
  • volunteer at V4U, VU's award-winning volunteer day
  • receive rewards and recognition for your contribution.

Become a Team Leader

Motivate, lead and inspire fellow Vollies as a Team Leader. To be eligible you must have been a Vollie or participated in V4U Day.

Applications open January 2019.

Looking for volunteers

Are you part of an on- or off-campus organisation that is looking to recruit volunteers?

Request Vollies for a one-off event.

Request Vollies for an ongoing event/program.