VTAC preferences – dates & details for Year 12 students

Looking at securing your preference list for next year, and want to make sure you’re across all the info?

VTAC preference applications (for January offer round 2 and subsequent rounds) are now open for courses starting 2024.

Here’s everything you need to know about preferences, offer rounds and important dates - so you can head into 2024 confident about your options and choices.

VTAC guide for year 12

The Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) processes university applications, some TAFE applications, some scholarships and the Special Entrance Access Scheme (SEAS).

If you are applying for uni you need to apply through VTAC. To start your uni course in 2024, you will need to submit a VTAC preference application via the VTAC website. This applies even if you might study in 2024, but haven't made a final decision.

If you are applying for TAFE, you may still need to apply through VTAC. Some VU TAFE courses take applications through VTAC, while others are direct application only. Check your course page on our website. If your course is open on VTAC, you’ll need to apply for the course through VTAC. If course doesn't appear on VTAC website, you may be able to apply direct – it's best to rely on the information on your specific course page. 

How to apply for a course via VTAC

 VTAC preference applications (for consideration for January offer round 2 and subsequent rounds) are now open for courses starting 2024.

Here’s how to complete your application:

  1. Create a VTAC account on vtac.edu.au.
  2. Log in with your VTAC ID and PIN.
  3. Enter details of your secondary school studies, following the prompts.
  4. List your course preferences:
    • enter at least 1 course, and up to 8 courses – in your order of preference
    • you will only receive one offer per offer round, for your highest eligible preference, so make sure you put the course that you most want to do as your first preference, and then the other courses you want to do, in your order of preference
    • check that you meet prerequisites for the courses (see the admission info on the course page) and complete all relevant selection tasks where applicable.
  5. Enter any additional info required (like for example, if you want to specify a nominee who can be contacted on your behalf), following the prompts. Review your application and make sure it’s all correct.
  6. Pay the VTAC application fee – this is $99 for consideration from January round 2 offers and subsequent rounds. You will be asked to pay online at the end of your course application, and you can pay via PayPal, or by Visa or MasterCard.
  7. Submit!

What if I change my mind?

You can change the order of your preferences and add or remove courses from your list after you have submitted your application – from 21-22 December at 4pm, for the January offer round.

So if you’re still exploring options or aren’t 100% certain on which course you want to do the most, you still have time to submit and rethink your options.

Key dates

Find the cut off dates and times for submitting VTAC preference applications and when each round offers are sent out.