Free TAFE student questions & answers

Find answers to student questions about the Free TAFE for Priority Courses initiative.

Frequently Asked Questions about Free TAFE

Where can I do tuition-free priority courses?

You can study tuition-free priority courses at Victorian TAFE institutes, including Victoria University (VU). The benefits of studying at VU are:

  • Our multi award-winning blended learning model which replaces paper-based theory with user-friendly eLearning that can be completed anytime, anywhere. This means you’ll spend more time honing your skills in practical face-to-face workshops and work placements.
  • You gain hands-on learning experiences using modern technologies including VR technology, humanoid robots, simulation equipment and computerised mannequins. These tools provide unique opportunities for you to connect what you’re learning on a real-world level.
  • As one of only six multi-sector universities in Australia, VU offers transitions between courses at all levels. We have established pathways into over 50 higher education degrees at Victoria University. You can start with a short course and finish with a masters.
  • You will have access to support services, including academic support and development and careers guidance to assist you in finding a job.
  • We’ve been delivering vocational education in the west of Melbourne for over 100 years, you can trust we’re here to stay.

Does it cover all my fees?

Only the courses on the tuition-free priority course list will be tuition fee-free (materials and Student Services and Amenities fees apply), but there are many courses you can do at VU that are Victorian Government-subsidised. While some tuition fees (as well as materials and Student Services and Amenities fees) may apply for Victorian Government-subsidised training, you may be eligible for a concession significantly reducing the amount of tuition fees payable. If there’s a specific course or area you’re interested in, please contact us for more information.

What's the difference between government-subsidised training and Free TAFE?

Victorian Government-subsidised training is when the Government pays a large portion of the cost of your training if you are eligible, and you make a contribution, by paying fees. There are many subsidised courses you can do at VU. The courses on the tuition free priority course list are also Government-subsidised, but the Government will also pay your tuition fees, if you’re eligible.

I am doing training now in a course on the tuition-free priority course list. If I withdraw and re-enrol, can I still complete the course tuition-fee-free?

Yes. If you withdraw from the course you are currently undertaking using a free TAFE priority course fee waiver and re-enrol in the same course at VU or another provider, you will have access to free TAFE. However, the fee waiver will only apply to the unfinished portion of your course and you will not be refunded for the already completed portion and as long as the Free TAFE for Priority Courses fee waiver initiative is active.

I already have a Diploma but want to do a Certificate IV in 2024. Am I eligible for government subsidies?

Provided you meet all the required eligibility critieria for a government subsidised place, you can now enrol in a Certificate IV level course even if you hold a higher level qualification.

If I start a Free TAFE course in 2024 and it goes for more than one year, will the second year be tuition-fee-free?

Yes. Free TAFE waives tuition fees for the entire duration of your course, regardless of the length of time it takes you to complete the qualification.

If I complete a tuition-free priority course, will I get a job?

The tuition-free priority courses are in areas where there are likely to be more jobs in the future. When you finish your course, our careers staff and Skills and Jobs Centre can help you search for a job and support you to prepare your resumé.

How many priority courses can I do tuition-free?

Free TAFE for Priority Courses will pay your tuition fees for one course unless you are completing a Free TAFE course in one of the Free TAFE Pathway groups. You can now access additional Free TAFE fee waivers if you complete one of the Free TAFE Pathway programs and then enrol into another Free TAFE program within the same Free TAFE Pathway group. Find more information on Free TAFE, including courses, pathways and eligibility.

How will Free TAFE for priority courses affect my eligibility for future government-subsidised training?

Courses undertaken as Free TAFE for Priority Courses are treated the same way as any other course you have undertaken, for the purpose of determining whether you are eligible for further Victorian Government-subsidised training.

If you decide to train in future, we’ll be able to tell you whether you will have future Victorian Government-subsidised training options.

Training with VU has never been so accessible. Get in touch to discuss your options, we’ll help you find the right course and talk you through your funding options to get you job-ready.

What happens if I have accessed Free TAFE at another provider and decide to switch to VU?

The course would continue to be tuition-fee free as long as you are continuing in the same course at VU that you were undertaking at another training provider.